Volunteer Firefighter Murdered While Trying To Help Stranded Motorist

Palmyra, IN – A Ramsey County volunteer firefighter was murdered Monday night while stopping to help a Palmyra police officer who was out with a stranded motorist, according to investigators.

PPD Reserve Officer Zachary Holly responded to the scene and made contact with the driver, 31-year-old Justin Moore, WLKY reported.

Shortly thereafter, off-duty Harris County Volunteer Firefighter Jacob McClanahan, 24, and one of his coworkers stopped to help assist Officer Holly with traffic control, Harrison County Prosecutor Otto Schalk said during a press conference on Wednesday.

Officer Holly and Moore determined the vehicle was out of gas and eventually decided to call a tow truck, Schalk said.

The officer asked Moore if he had any weapons in his vehicle, and he replied he only had a knife on his person, according to the prosecutor.

Officer Holly then asked Moore to go stash the knife in the vehicle, WLKY reported.

But when Moore reached into his car, he came out with a shotgun and opened fire on the officer, Schalk said.

The round missed Officer Holly, who quickly tried to retreat along with McClanahan, WLKY reported.

Schalk said Moore fired again, hitting and killing the volunteer firefighter.

Officer Holly returned fire and struck Moore, who ultimately died at the scene, WLKY reported.

Volunteer Firefighter Murdered While Trying To Help Stranded Motorist

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