Eric Adams Says Keep Them Unarmed as Bodies Pile Up

Eric Adams continues to ignore proven crime fighting policies to continue the foolish attack on the Second Amendment

New York, NY – New York City Mayor Eric Adams predicted doom and gloom for the Big Apple on Thursday and said residents of the city should be “very afraid” if the U.S. Supreme Court strikes down the state’s concealed carry law.

“After what we saw the Supreme Court did on abortion, we should be very afraid,” Adams told reporters at an even in Harlem, referencing the leaked draft opinion that indicated a majority of the justices are ready to overturn Roe v. Wade, the New York Daily News reported.

“In densely populated communities like New York, this ruling could have a major impact on us,” the mayor said. “So we are now looking with our legal experts to see what we can do. … But we should all be concerned.”

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SO I have to ask?

First some background. Like Eric I served the citizens of NYC in the NYPD. While guns were illegal the entire time I worked there, homicide by firearms were at record highs until Republican mayor Giuliani started allowing the NYPD to proactively attack violent criminals instead of ranting about the evils of inanimate objects (guns).

I witnessed too many good, hardworking New Yorkers killed because they were unarmed victims of cowardly violent thugs who knew their prey was unarmed. Eric saw this too. That’s the problem I have with him. He isn’t a clueless Marxist Democrat with little understanding of law enforcement and the factors involved in violent crime. He may be a Marxist Democrat, but he understands crime, he knows what works and what saves lives!

Yet Eric has chosen to push a lie and agenda to keep guns away from legal and responsible hard working New Yorkers. The very gun that may save their lives and make criminals think twice, ultimately reducing gun crime. He wants you to believe that you can keep guns out of the hands of criminals, did it work with illegal drugs? HE KNOWS THIS TOO!

I had some hope for him when he won the election. He was one of my brothers in blue and had to understand what needed to be done to save NYers. In his defense, partially, Eric is up against Marxist judges and politicians pushing an anti-cop decriminalization agenda. Like Giuliani, he must find ways around them and crack down on violent thugs.


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