‘Top shot’ LAPD officer sues chief, department over social media demand

Why should she be forced to take down training videos demonstrating her shooting expertise? We want highly trained cops. She warned this drug crazed armed lunatic to drop the weapon, he moved at her, she fired to “stop the threat”. He went down, tried to get up again, refusing commands (because he was on drugs) and she fired again to “stop the threat”. We don’t shot to kill. We hit center mass because its the biggest part of the body (less likely to miss) and being hit there should stop you.

California attorney general clears LAPD officer in shooting using controversial ‘expert’

A LAPD officer, whose sharp-shooter social media posts drew widespread attention after she was involved in a fatal shooting, filed a discrimination and retaliation lawsuit Tuesday against Police Chief Michel Moore and the department.

LAPD Officer Toni McBride alleges that Moore blocked her promotions because she refused to remove from her social media feeds videos of her at shooting competitions or training at firing ranges. In the lawsuit filed in federal court, McBride claims that Moore told her that she had to delete her social media accounts or “he would destroy her career.”

McBride, who is seeking more than $5 million in damages, has been on medical leave since November due to “severe physical symptoms caused by and exacerbated by the stress,” according to the lawsuit.

A LAPD spokesperson declined to comment, citing pending litigation.

McBride’s social media posts garnered attention in 2020 after she shot a 38-year-old man holding a box cutter six times, killing him. McBride and her partner had been responding to a collision on San Pedro Street near East 32nd Street involving several badly injured motorists whose vehicles had been struck by a truck driven by Daniel Hernandez. A toxicology report found Hernandez had methamphetamine in his system at the time.

McBride repeatedly commanded Hernandez to drop the weapon, according to videos captured by McBride’s body-camera and by witnesses with smartphones. When Hernandez advanced toward her, she shot him twice, and then fired another two shots when he attempted to get up.

Yahoo liberal anti cop spin continues here

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Police Chief’s Substitute Teacher Wife Arrested For Sexual Abuse Of 15-Year-Old Student– Really, what the hell going on with these teachers. Have to find better psych tests to pick out immaturity for starters….

Maine police identify gunman who allegedly shot and killed four people, wounded three others

WaPo editorial board shifts view on ‘Defund the Police’ since George Floyd riots: DC ‘needs more officers’– I guess someone got mugged? These idiots not feeling safe anymore? What did these intellectual university idiots expect when you neutralized the police in a high crime area LOL????

Family of Reginald Clay Jr., shot and killed by Chicago police, files federal lawsuitLet me help you out with this one….he ran from cops with a gun and turned on them. Case closed. Family will still get a paycheck in Marxist courts and cops will be even less likely to do anything in crime plagued Shit-cago.

DNA identifies boarding school student in 1975 East Haven cold case homicide, police say

Austin home invasion suspect fatally shot by resident, no charges to be filed: police– How it’s done in Texas. Thugs need to find out who the registered Democrats are and hit their gun free homes.

Kent police shoot, kill man while responding to domestic dispute on East Hill

Video: Police raid wrong New Haven home searching for man accused of trading child sex abuse videos on Facebook

2 Texas cheerleaders were shot after 1 seemingly got into the wrong car after practice, thinking it was her own

4 found dead at Maine home, 3 shot on interstate in connected incidents: Police

NY woman looking for friend’s house fatally shot by homeowner at wrong address, police say

Alabama shooting – live: Dadeville police to announce update as ‘Sweet 16’ party shooting suspect still at large

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Texas police address fears of serial killer after second missing man found dead in Austin lake

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