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Florida Sheriff Calls Naked Suspect ‘Oxygen-Stealer And Scumbag’

Fort Myers, FL – Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno wants criminals in his county to know he and his deputies are coming for them, and they’re sending them to the jail he likes to call the “Marceno Motel.”

Sheriff Marceno has developed a reputation for saying what he thinks about the criminals in his county and posting videos to TikTok about the criminals and their arrests, the Associated Press reported.

On May 9, Lee County sheriff’s deputies talked a barricaded man out of his house after a three-hour standoff that began at about 1 p.m. after the naked suspect threatened a deputy with a kitchen knife, WFTX, reported.

Deputies had responded to the scene for a report of a naked man outside in his San Carlos Park neighborhood and talked to the suspect, later identified as 63-year-old David Auger.

Sheriff Marceno said Auger armed himself with a screwdriver and a large kitchen knife and hurled profanity-laced threats at the deputies, WFTX reported.

“As he exits the back, he grabs a large kitchen knife, he picks it up, he starts going towards our deputy approximately 20 feet or less,” the sheriff said. “And he says he’s going to kill one of our deputies.”

Auger was arrested after the hours-long standoff and charged with assault on a police officer.

After the arrest, Sheriff Marceno stood in Auger’s driveway in combat gear and held a press conference, the Associated Press reported.

“He’s an oxygen-stealer and a scumbag, and I’m glad he’s outta here,” Sheriff Marceno told reporters.

“I’m proud to say that in this county, if you present deadly physical force … we meet you with deadly force every time, and we win. It’s pretty clean, pretty quick,” the sheriff explained with pride in his voice.

Sheriff Marceno has become quite famous for the videos posted to his TikTok account but he also has an active presence on all the other major social media platforms.

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