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Report: Number of US officers shot in 2022 up 14%

Over 200 police and law enforcement officers have been shot in the line of duty as of July 31, up 14% from last year and 12% from 2020, according to an update from the National Fraternal Order of Police.

Of the 210 officers shot, 39 were killed by gunfire, the report stated, In 2021, 63 officers were fatally shot, while only 47 died by firearms in 2020.

The FOP’s update also drew attention to the continued rise in ambush-style attacks. So far this year, 71 officers have been shot—18 fatally—in 46 ambush attacks. Those numbers don’t include similar attacks in which officers were shot at but not struck by gunfire.

“Premeditated ambush-style attacks are particularly disturbing and pernicious,” the report states. “These types of attacks are carried out with an element of surprise and intended to deprive officers of their ability to defend against the attack. Premeditated attacks contribute to a worrisome desensitization to evil acts that were once largely considered taboo except by the most depraved individuals.”

Texas was the state with the most officer shootings with 19. Arizona was next with 18, followed by Kentucky, which had 13. Three states had 11 officers shot and two had 10.

Go to the National Fraternal Order of Police’s website to read the complete update.

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