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Critically-Wounded Florida Detective Needs Miracle To Survive

Miami-Dade officer shot identified as 5-year-veteran Cesar Echaverry

Miami, FL – The Miami-Dade police detective who was shot in the head during a shootout with an armed robbery suspect late Monday night is not expected to survive.

According to a department-wide email issued on Tuesday afternoon, 29-year-old Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) Detective Cesar Echaverry remains in “extremely critical condition,” the Miami Herald reported.

“Please keep the Echaverry family in your thoughts and prayers,” read the message, which was sent out by MDPD Director Alfredo Ramirez’s executive assistant, Annette McCully.

Critically-Wounded Florida Detective Needs Miracle To Survive

Then there’s this BS……

Miami cop whined about squad cars speeding to officer shooting. Chief: Comment ‘disgusting’

Whistleblowers revealed widespread FBI misconduct ahead of Trump raid

Whistleblowers claim a senior FBI official worked to falsely discredit evidence against Hunter Biden.

BREAKING: Texas Police In Standoff With Barricaded Suspect In House Rigged With Explosives

Denver police body camera footage shows officers shoot gunman, six bystanders in LoDo

3rd suspect charged in fatal shooting of off-duty Monterey Park police officer

CPS Worker Tells 14-Year-Old Girl In State Custody To Become A Prostitute

Retired cop was shot 4 times during shootout with carjackers in Lawndale, 17-year-old charged with attempted

Naperville police shooting that killed Edward Samaan, who charged at officer, justified: DuPage County State’s Attorney’s Office

Man shot by Texas police was arrested 2 days prior on assault, weapons charges

Police identify deceased victim in Sunday George Floyd Square shooting

VIDEO: Wendy’s Employee Facing Murder Charges For Attack On Customer

Couple Busted Having Sex On Ferris Wheel At Ohio Amusement Park

FBI Report Reveals Alec Baldwin’s Gun Couldn’t Fire Without Trigger Being Pulled

Hunter Biden is under investigation/ Data Being Released and Posted here

NYPD 9/11 Site being rebuilt….again….

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

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