7 arrests yesterday in Atlanta at an Antifa connected ‘protest’ where molotovs were thrown at police

7 arrests yesterday in Atlanta at an Antifa connected ‘protest’ where molotovs were thrown at police
Top row- Phillip Flagg, Elizabeth Hoitt-Lange, Abigail Skapyak, Brooke Courtemanche
Bottom – Madeleine Kodat, Erin Brault, Lee Ana-Gypsy
6 of the 7 are out of state from MA, NY, MD, PA, OH, and MN
All charged with Trespass. Abigail Skapyak (former DoJ intern) also charged for giving a false name

BLM and ANTIFA at Capitol Jan 6th….Capitol Police Assisted – They get out of jail for free! They are leftwing brownshirts! Enough!

White ANTIFA Snowflakes Harass African American Crime Victims in Oakland

So Who Did Democrat Non-Profits Use as Their Ballot Traffickers to Steal the Election? In Georgia and Wisconsin Many Traffickers Were Also BLM-Antifa Rioters

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LAWLESSNESS: a state of disorder due to a disregard of the law.

Man injured in shootout with Orlando police officers, chief says

Officer shoots, kills man who shot security guard inside popular Buckhead restaurant

Grand Jury Refuses To Indict NJ State Trooper Who Shot Suspect During Traffic Stop

No charges for Roseville police officer who shot, killed man armed with knife after crash

Chicago shooting: CPD officer shoots, critically injures carjacking suspect near Cicero, Chicago Avenue on West Side

Former Cop Pleads Guilty To Aiding, Abetting Derek Chauvin In George Floyd’s Death

Houston, Texas crime: Suspect shot by HPD officer | khou.com

‘No gestures can fill the void’: Fallen officers, families honored in DC ceremony

6 things to know about the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial– 2 NY cops got the ball rolling…..

  1. The federal government’s effort to establish a national police memorial was initiated in 1972 by Donald J. Guilfoil, a detective with the Suffolk County Police Benevolent Association.
  2. Legislation to authorize the Memorial was enacted in October 1984 after efforts by U.S. Representative Mario Biaggi, a former police officer, along with U.S. Senator Claiborne Pell.

New BLM Tax Filings Show Big Payments To Founder’s Family

CBS 2 Exclusive: Chicago Police Officer Carlos Yanez Jr., wounded in shooting last year, talks about challenges and joys today

“Liberal feminist” and second cop attacked PD in the media and got fired. They just got a payday from the anti-police city council.

United States veteran, retired police officer who is fighting for his life is now in need of a kidney transplant

The ultimate cleaner and lubricant

Not all heroes wear capes: Louisiana officer rescues nine people after boat starts to sink, saves drowning child

War on cops: Atlanta police officer Ryan Chandler indicted for 2018 crash that killed man on scooter

NYC Daily Carnage

NYPD 9/11 Site being rebuilt….again….

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

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APN on Gab!
Deep State Digest

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