Buffalo Shooter Update- Biden Chimes in

Buffalo lunatic, 18, threatened a school graduation shooting last year and was given psychiatric treatment – but still legally bought three guns: Classmates reveal he acted strangely, wore hazmat suit to school for a week and scared them with ‘Hitler-esque’ political views

  •  Payton Gendron, 18, was investigated by the New York State Police for threating to shoot his classmates during graduation in June 2021
  •  Police suggested mental health evaluation and counseling
  •  Classmates recall his ‘Hitler-esque’ political leanings during a political science exercise
  • Gendron wore a hazmat suit to school for the first week of his senior year to protect against Covid 
  •  In his 180-page manifesto refers to the paranoid white supremacist theory of ‘white replacement’
  • He looks up to other racially-motivated spree killers like Dylan Roof who killed nine people in a black church in South Carolina 
  • At least 10 people were killed and three were reported injured after a gunman opened fire inside a Buffalo supermarket on Saturday while livestreaming 
  • Gendron had the n-word scrawled on his rifle, targeted a store in a predominantly black area and shot 11 black people, police said 
  • Erie County District Attorney John Flynn charged him with one count of first degree murder 
  • The suspect, filmed wearing a military uniform, has been taken into custody by the Buffalo Police Department and will be charged with multiple counts of first-degree murder as early as Saturday night
  • The suspect was reportedly wearing body armor as witnesses said they saw the man wearing a black helmet and carrying a rifle into the store
  • Ex-Buffalo cop Aaron Salter Jr, who was working at the market as a security guard, tried to stop the gunman but was fatally shot himself
  • 86-year-old Ruth Whitfield, the mother of the former Buffalo fire commissioner, was also gunned down 
  • New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, a Buffalo native, said the state is providing assistance to the Buffalo Police Department 
  • N-word could be seen written on the front sight of gunman’s automatic rifle 
  • President Biden says ‘hate must have no safe harbor’

The Video- viewer discretion

Just throwing this out there…..it is amazing how these mass shootings occur when Dems are in a panic about something…..

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Meanwhile in Blue State America, not a single F was given by the media or government…as usual

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