Minneapolis Defunded Police Need Feds To Help Fight Violent Crime Spike

You’ve been warned’: Federal crackdown on violent crime, carjackings announced I KMSP FOX 9

Watch this video. You would think these mental midgets are inventing crime fighting!

They defunded their police, they got rid of bail, they decriminalized crimes and reduced jail sentences! And they wonder why crime is spiking???

The Feds are going to save the day??? They don’t punish violent thugs! Only conservatives!

You made your bed Blue State, watch it burn now!!!

In other catch and release news……you can’t make this shyte up folks!

Activist New York lawyers convicted of firebombing NYPD van during summer of 2020 may only get TWO YEARS each
The original indictment included a 40-year mandatory minimum count, with Mattis and Rahman potentially facing life in prison.

Amir Locke’s 17-Year Old Cousin Pleads Guilty To Murder-St. Paul, MN – The 17-year-old cousin of Amir Locke, whom police were looking for when they fatally shot Locke in…

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Shocking moment female thief pepper sprays Florida jewelry store worker in the FACE

Warning about “summer of violence” by children pressured to carry guns in the U.S. war zone after shooting deaths hit record highs– Before you read this just remember this is partly based on CDC findings- the same corrupt facsist political org that had us all locked down and jabbed with vaccines that don’t work. Another agenda at work here folks, what could they be after now????

Police call for crackdown on ghost guns | Morning in America– Chicago

Hey here’s a revolutionary concept Chicago……KEEP VIOLENT THUGS IN JAIL!!!! You know, the people actually using guns to kill people. Because without a thug pulling the trigger, THE GUN CAN’T KILL ANYONE!!!! Unbelievable crap these Democrats peddle!

EXCLUSIVE: Oath Keepers’ Stewart Rhodes Releases First Statement from Alexandria Prison to The Gateway Pundit – Feds Are Threatening Life in Prison (AUDIO)

BLM Founder Admits To Personal Parties At Donor-Funded Compound, Paid Family Members

Man Run Over By 7-Year-Old Victim’s Mother’s Car Tried Kidnaping 4-Year-Old Boy

San Jose Cop Arrested For Masturbating In Front Of Suspect’s Family During Disturbance Call

Drive-by shootings: Phoenix Police arrest man in connection with 11 incidents

San Jose police officer accused of masturbating while responding to a call

The ultimate cleaner and lubricant

NYC Daily Carnage

NYPD 9/11 Site being rebuilt….again….

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

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Deep State Digest

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