‘Federal government must step in’: Adams demands help from Washington after cops shot

‘Federal government must step in’: Adams demands help from Washington after cops shot

‘Sea of crime’: Adams vows to unveil ‘real plan’ against NYC gun violence this week

Eric, you were there when we took crime down from 2200 murders a year to 500. Remember how we did it? We actually let the cops act proactively and backed them up. When they locked up violent thugs they actually went to prison. Listen to the guy who was at the helm and please wake up and knock this shyte off, embarrassing.

Rudy Giuliani

After 21 lost days, Adams is just beginning to develop his plan to reduce crime.

40% up in serious crime, 70% grand larceny, 160% auto theft, probably a record for a new Mayor.

Not to mention children and police who seem to be open targets.

Stop the gun control political bull.

Criminals don’t register their guns.

Instead use constitutional Terry stops to seize guns from the bad guys, (as approved in my administration by AG Reno and DAG Holder because it was 400,000 or so fewer, a much greater rate of success and justification and can be done now not after a long study…check the records), demand Soros funded DA Bragg is fired and incarcerate criminals until we are safe.

That would be 21 days or more of victims too many, but a start.

We are depending on you.

PBA president calls for public to attend fallen NYPD cop’s funeral

Two NYPD officers — one a rookie with just over a year on the job — were shot while responding to a domestic call Friday evening in Harlem, multiple police sources said.

The officers, rookie Jason Rivera, 22, who was killed and his 27-year-old partner, who was gravely wounded, were the fourth and fifth cops shot in the city this month.

Tragic transcript: NYPD’s 911 log shows rapid escalation of call that left cop dead, another seriously injured

Pundits: NYC crime wave could doom progressives

‘Something our troops saw in Afghanistan’: High-capacity magazine used in Harlem shooting similar to weapon of war

WARNING: The following video may be disturbing to some viewers. WATCH: A police pursuit of a motorcycle driver came to a deadly end with a horrific crash at an intersection in West Hills West Hills is located in The San Fernando Valley, minutes north of Los Angeles (via @cbsla)

The ultimate cleaner and lubricant

NYC Daily Carnage

NYPD 9/11 Site being rebuilt….again….

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

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