NYPD cop killed, second officer clings to life after shooting in Harlem apartment

Two NYPD officers — one a rookie with just over a year on the job — were shot while responding to a domestic call Friday evening in Harlem, multiple police sources said.

NYPD cop killed, second officer clings to life after shooting in Harlem apartment

The officers, rookie Jason Rivera, 22, who was killed and his 27-year-old partner, who was gravely wounded, were the fourth and fifth cops shot in the city this month.

Body Of NYPD Officer Escorted From Harlem Hospital

VIDEO NOW: NYPD officials news conference on shooting that killed an officer

Alleged NYPD cop killer has lengthy rap sheet, was out on probation

Radio Transmission Listen 25:00 mark

A Message to Eric Adams

You know Eric, I was and I am still holding out hope for you. You wore the uniform, you had a front row seat to what was truly going on, regarding crime and violence in NYC. You rose the ranks and were out spoken and active on issues important to you. You wore the uniform.

You spoke out against a Socialist Soros funded DA decriminalizing crime, you warned the BLM not to try violence here, and about Bail reform. You talk tough on crime.

Yet last night you let us down. You jumped on the Commie Democrat talking point that it is guns killing people and causing crime.

“It is our city against the killers,” Adams said during an emotionally charged press conference at Harlem Hospital, where the officers were rushed following the shooting. Adams called what happened an “attack on the city of New York” and “the children and families of this city.” The new mayor denounced gun manufacturers and traffickers “carving highways of death, destroying our communities” and blamed federal authorities for not stanching the flow of illegal firearms into the city.– Eric Adams

5 cops shot so far during your administration. A cop was killed last night and his partner is fighting for his life and you BLAME GUNS and not the predicate violent thugs pulling the triggers??? People who think like this allow these animals back on the street no matter how many times brave cops take them off.

Guns exist all over the USA, in conservative states and towns far more than NYC. Why then is it only in Democrat BLUE cities, where guns are ILLEGAL, that we have rampant gun violence??????

You and every other Democrat know the answer to that. All making them illegal does is to keep them out of the hands of decent, responsible people who actually OBEY THE LAW! No one is that ignorant to think releasing predicate violent thugs from prison and decriminalizing crime will not have a negative impact on violent crime stats.

Eric, your term is still in it’s infancy. Please don’t forget where you came from and what you learned as a NYC cop. You know what works and what SAVES LIVES. These violent thugs are killing black and brown people primarily, so if you need a Marxist “divide and conquer” talking point to run with, use that.

Mayor Finally Admits Subway Crime is Real

Take violent thugs off the street and crime will go down just like it did in the 90s. Not rocket science. You can’t claim ignorance like the lunatics running our Democrat shyteholes. Do the right thing for decent hardworking NYC residents in these neighborhoods and their protectors. Do your job and save lives Eric.

Black Americans Want Police to Retain Local Presence

81% of Black Americans Don’t Want Less Police Presence Despite Protests—Some Want More Cops: Poll

From the scene, waiting for Brighteon to approve the video

Eric Adams insists subways still safe and there is only ‘perception of fear’

Albany needs to fix NY’s broken bail laws as part of this year’s ‘Big Ugly’ budget deal

I remember the last time Democrats controlled NYC…..

They released his killer too!

Case dropped against man jailed 25 years in infamous New York City tourist murder

Teen rapper who shot NYPD cop using his record deal money to pay bail

Second New York City police officer shot in line of duty in 36 hours

Video shows moment NYC gunman opens fire, striking 11-month-old with stray round

Seven people shot, three fatally, in Baltimore on Wednesday night, police say

WARNING: The following video may be disturbing to some viewers. WATCH: A police pursuit of a motorcycle driver came to a deadly end with a horrific crash at an intersection in West Hills West Hills is located in The San Fernando Valley, minutes north of Los Angeles (via @cbsla)

The ultimate cleaner and lubricant

NYC Daily Carnage

Woman killed after pushed onto NYC subway tracks in unprovoked attack, police say

NYPD 9/11 Site being rebuilt….again….

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

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