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Uvalde Texas Hero Was Off Duty Border Patrol Officer

Seeing in news that the man that killed the school shooter in Uvalde, Texas wasn’t even an on duty officer 😢

He is the spouse of a 4th grade teacher employed there, and a parent of a child attending school there. He also happened to be a border patrol agent.

He was getting a haircut when his wife started texting him that there was an active shooter. She sent him other text messages that read “Help” and “I love you.”

He grabbed the barber’s shotgun, rushed to the school and ran in, past 19 officers that were waiting on scene while children were being slaughtered. He evacuated his wife and daughter and went back in to neutralize the shooter.

That man’s name is Jacob Albarado and he is the true hero in this story. God bless him and his family.

*ETA- of course details are still coming out on this story. Whether or not it was this man’s bullet or his colleague’s, another border control agent who finally killed the gunman, this story spoke to me and I felt compelled to share. NOT for an agenda. NOT to stir hate or bickering. This man did what I’d like to hope I and my spouse could do in a time of horrific tragedy such as this, and I hope it speaks to the hearts of all of us to do better.

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