Police forces scramble to fill vacancies as crime rises



Demonized police officers

Defunded Police Departments

Handcuffed police officers, while removing bail, and releasing even the most dangerous criminals from prison

They have made the job of police officer impossibly stressful and far more dangerous than ever before.

Enough is enough!- APN.com

Across the country, police forces are scrambling to keep their roll call numbers at full staff, but officials said they’ve been hit with challenges.

Burnout, low morale, and dejection have caused many cops, both long-time veterans and newcomers, to quit and change careers and recent public backlash against excessive police force has resulted in a drop in new applications, according to police officials.

In Philadelphia, the police force is facing a shortage of 600 officers, roughly 10% of its full force.

“It’s critical now,” Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw told ABC News of her force’s staffing levels. “It’s already critical, was critical a year ago.”

Full Story below;

Police forces scramble to fill vacancies as crime rises

‘Defund the police’ still haunts Democrats

Polling shows this intraparty fight could hurt them in the midterms


Prosecuting serial NYC shoplifter would’ve been ‘a waste of resources:’ Manhattan DA Bragg

They are sneaky treacherous Marxists.

As Crime Soars, Democrats Desperate To Blame Anything But “Defund The Police”

Defund The Police IS HAUNTING Democrats, Voters Revolt Over INSANE Crime, Police RESIGNING En Masse

Philadelphia is a war zone. Graphic video shows a criminal casually strolling up to a cop and shooting him in the head:

Idaho Police Seize Five Cars As Investigation Into Student Murders Deepens

Philadelphia police investigating video connected to shooting of Philadelphia Parking Authority officer

Man handcuffed in back of Denver police vehicle shoots officer in neck, officials say

Suspect hid under bed, pointed pistol before being shot by police, bodycam footage shows-OCPD

Police involved in standoff with elderly woman after she allegedly shot at vehicles

Fugitive engaged in shootout with law enforcement in Floresville before he was shot, Texas DPS says

Frederick Deputies Shoot, Kill Suspect in Fatal Double ..

Man shot by police in Litchfield has died

Passenger Shot During Dallas-Area Police Chase

Suspect, police exchange gunfire during high-speed chase

‘We never gave up hope’: Fort Worth woman reunited with family 51 years after being kidnapped by babysitter

The FBI’s Transformation, from National Police to Domestic Spy Agency. Part One: “Disruption”

A Florida FBI agent blows the whistle on a Bureau that’s stopped worrying about making cases, shifting resources to a vast new mission: domestic spying without predicate. Part one of a series

BREAKING: Tainted DC Jury Reaches Decision – Finds Stewart Rhodes GUILTY of Garbage “Seditious Conspiracy” Charges – Government Refused to Expose Their Operatives Who Were the Only Ones Who Called for Violence

The Corrupt Obama/Biden DOJ’s Newest Attempt in Creating a Corrupt Special Counsel Is Even More Criminal Than the Mueller Exam

EXCLUSIVE: Text Messages Show VP Biden and His Wife Colluded to Suppress HUNTER’S ACTIONS WITH A CERTAIN MINOR

Closing Arguments today in Oathkeepers Show Trial: One of the Greatest Travesties of Justice in US History

Cop Who Arrested The Dancing Israelis on 911 Speaks Out

American Muslims Celebrating 911 – Howard Stern Callers

NYPD 9/11 Site being rebuilt….again….

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

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