The Crimes of Joe Biden- An Investigation of the Obvious Begins

The Crimes of Joe Biden- An Investigation of the Obvious Begins

BREAKING: House Accuses Biden Of ‘Human Trafficking’, Launches Immediate Investigation

I would have started this press conference by reading some of JFK’s “Secret Society/ Press do your jobs speech”

“Do not distract the masses with the trivial. Use your “Freedom of the Press” for what it was intended- REPORT TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHAT THEIR GOVENMENT IS DOING

Instead these COMPLICIT (not biased folks) dooshbags try and  deflect away from the fact a sitting US president, very openly, is committing serious crimes for his profit including HUMAN TRAFFICKING (Trump knew all along- made human trafficking one of his top priorities) Money laundering, and much much more.  

They try and steer the conversation away from Biden and to the Staged insurgency on Jan 6th.

They need to be called out.  The media has done great damage to America by failing to report these crimes to the people.  Many surely would not have voted Democrat. (although voter fraud would still have played a big part in their massive coup)

This is a blockbuster story! Is the media reporting it as such????

It is up to all of us to report what these scumbags are up to! Become the press! Share share share!


Trey Gowdy BLASTS Liberal Media For Lying About This

The Truth Behind Biden’s Hate Crimes Against Humanity


Rudy Giulinani’s Sensational Closing Statements About Hard Evidence of Joe Biden’s Treasonous Crimes

U.S. CBP Agent Killed, 2 More Wounded During Shootout With Smugglers Off Coast Of Puerto Rico

Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico – A U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent was fatally shot and two other agents were wounded during a gun battle with alleged drug smugglers off the coast of Puerto Rico on Thursday.

The confrontation occurred approximately 14 miles off the southwest coast of the island, near Cabo Rojo, at approximately 8 a.m., FOX News reported.

Full Story

The FBI’s Transformation, from National Police to Domestic Spy Agency. Part One: “Disruption”

A Florida FBI agent blows the whistle on a Bureau that’s stopped worrying about making cases, shifting resources to a vast new mission: domestic spying without predicate. Part one of a series

Cop Who Arrested The Dancing Israelis on 911 Speaks Out

American Muslims Celebrating 911 – Howard Stern Callers

NYPD 9/11 Site being rebuilt….again….

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

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