gun control

Deputy Shot By Partner Who Was Trying To Save Her From Pit Bull Attack

Kalamazoo Police Chief discusses gun violence after Detroit officer shot, killedNot gun violence chief, thug violence. Lock ’em up and keep them away from your communities. But you know that, just playing the Democrat agenda.

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Law enforcement officials in Virginia arrested two illegal aliens who allegedly plotted a mass shooting on a July 4 celebration after a “hero citizen” overheard a conversation about the plot and immediately called the police.

“Two illegal immigrants, 52-year-old Julio Alvarado-Dubon and 38-year-old Rolman Balacarcel, were arrested and charged with being a non-U.S. citizens in possession of a gun after police uncovered a plot that the duo planned a mass shooting at Richmond’s July 4 celebration Monday,” Fox News reported. “[Richmond Chief of Police Gerald] Smith addressed reports that one of the suspects has been deported several times and continued to reenter the country illegally, saying that it was “frustrating” that a person could continue to break the law and have an opportunity to still plan out a mass murder.”

Elderly Mobile man fires shot at police officer and firefighter conducting welfare check

Police fatally shoot man outside house in McLean

Police shoot, kill person armed with knife in Sawtelle, LAPD says

San Diego Police Shoot, Miss Alleged Rape Suspect in Paradise Valley: SDSO

Cops shoot kidnap suspect in head after he held his therapist hostage

1 injured in officer-involved shooting at Marietta motel, police say

15-Year-Old Boy In Stolen Car Fatally Shot By Police After Repeatedly Reaching For Gun

Parade Gunman’s Father Doesn’t Regret Helping His Son Get Permit To Buy Gun Used To Kill 7

Judge Gives Derek Chauvin 21 Years For Violating George Floyd’s Civil Rights

UIC police officer helps save life of Chicago officer shot in the

NYPD 9/11 Site being rebuilt….again….

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

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