Florida- How You Do Law Enforcement Right!

DEVELOPING: Texas National Guard Soldier Drowns in Rio Grande Trying to Rescue Illegal Aliens

The key in Florida is strong Conservative sheriffs in areas with a big Conservative base. They are elected BY THE PEOPLE. They answer only TO THE PEOPLE. They are not controlled by anti-cop Marxist politicians. Florida residents are big Second Amendment supporters and carry their weapons- saving the day for other citizens and police officers under attack time and time again.

Florida- Doing everything right, especially law enforcement.

Florida Sheriff Says ‘We Prefer’ Homeowners Shoot Home Invaders

WAYNE ROOT: #WINNING. We Have the 3 D’s: Disney, Democrats & Devil on the Run. What a Great Week!

BREAKING: FL Gov.Ron DeSantis Signs Bill to Remove Disney’s Tax Privilege and Self-Governing Status — Disney Stocks Down 14% in One Month — Fitch Puts Stock on Negative Watch

UPDATE: MPD Provides Update On DC Shooting, 4chan User Claiming Responsibility Uploads Video Targeting Children

Washington DC shooting: Three shot as police tell people to ‘shelter in place’

PHOTOS: Police respond to DC shooting in Van Ness

Seattle police officer shoots, wounds man

Falmouth man sentenced to jail for shooting at police officers

Charges Dropped Against Memphis BLM Founder Convicted of Illegal Voter Registration, Will Not Have to Serve Her Six Year Sentence– ENOUGH with this bullshyte!!!! They need to be locked up for the overthrow of a sitting president through election fraud!!!!

War Room Exclusive: President Trump Brings the Receipts on Rigged-Stolen 2020 Election in Sitdown Interview with Piers Morgan (VIDEO)

Malik Koval found guilty in 2018 shooting of police officers; prison assault

Jury acquits Duluth police officer of shooting man through door

Wyoming Court Overturns Conviction Because Trooper Was Speeding Before Stopping Drug Trafficker

MPD reports an Officer-involved shooting in Northwest

Chelsea Police Search For Driver That Struck Officer In Connection With Shooting That Injured Grandmother

Suspect surrenders in fatal shooting of Philly police officer’s son

Police shooting reported in Pullman; no officers injured

Va. Attorney General Miyares ends prosecution of Park Police officers in Ghaisar case

Police Chief Brags Officer De-escalated After Being Shot Instead Of Returning Fire

Waterloo officer found to be justified in fatal shooting of man who took police on erratic chase

The ultimate cleaner and lubricant

NYC Daily Carnage

NYPD 9/11 Site being rebuilt….again….

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

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