NYC subway shooter’s U-Haul found abandoned in Brooklyn

NYC subway shooter’s Philly-rented U-Haul is found abandoned on Brooklyn highway five miles from where he shot ten straphangers: Gunman was on FBI’s terrorist radar until 2019

  • Gunman opened fire on a northbound N train at 8.24am on Tuesday as it pulled into 36th St Station 
  • He had been calmly sitting on the train but then put on a gas mask and detonated a smoke bomb 
  • Passengers were trapped in the subway car – they tried to get to the next car but the door was locked
  • When the train arrived at 36th St, injured victims spilled out onto the platform trailing blood 
  • The gunman, described as heavy-set, black, 5ft 5 and wearing a vest, fled and he remains at large 
  • A U-Haul van was rented in Philadelphia and has been tracked down five miles from the scene  
  • Investigators believe they know who the gunman is, having identified the suspect after finding a credit card at the scene that was also used to rent the U-Haul cargo van 
  • Law enforcement told Newsweek the suspect was the previously known to the FBI, having been entered into the Guardian Lead terrorism monitoring system in New Mexico, and discharged in 2019
  • His .380 automatic handgun jammed which stopped him from shooting more at the station 
  • A bag of Falcon Rising fireworks, Seismic Wave smoke canisters and three extended magazines were found 
  • The NYPD is doubling the number of police officers on the subway tonight

BREAKING: NYC Subway Shooter and Black Supremacist Frank James Is Arrested in Manhattan — VIDEO

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NYC subway shooter’s U-Haul found abandoned in Brooklyn: suspect was on the FBI’s terrorist radar in New Mexico until 2019, was cleared after multiple interviews.
The shooter is described as a black male, overweight and 5’5’ has not yet been publicly identified and he remains on the loose.

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