Prosecutor Rules Police Shooting Of Anthony Alvarez Justified, Blames Cops For Chasing Him

Chicago, IL – A Chicago police officer who fatally shot an armed suspect during a foot pursuit in 2021 will not face criminal charges, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx announced on Tuesday.

Foxx said an outside agency investigated the incident and that she subsequently determined there was insufficient evidence to charge Chicago Police Officer Evan Solano in connection with the March 31, 2021 shooting death of 22-year-old Anthony AlvarezFOX News reported.

“This is a somber announcement,” Foxx said of her decision. “There are no winners in this situation.”

So I’ll give you the short version, click on the link below for the full story. The entire incident is on video and audio. The criminal runs from the cop with a gun in his hand. The cop repeatedly tells the armed perp to drop the gun. At some point the officer is in fear for his life and fires (remember gun gun gun). They render first aid to try and stop bleeding, including a tourniquet. And the Marxist defund the police State Attorney has a problem with this?????

Chicago better wake up and support their cops. Innocent people, along with the city thugs, are being slaughtered daily. Not by evil cops, but by other thugs in Chicago. Violent recidivist thugs with the sympathy of the Marxist scvumbags in power. Wake up Chicago- take your city back!

Here is the disturbing story. I don’t know how these courageous cops do their jobs today.

Prosecutor Rules Police Shooting Of Anthony Alvarez Justified, Blames Cops For Chasing Him

Mayor Eric Adams discusses how to combat gun violence with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Both mayors say they want to focus on prevention and intervention, investing in resources and programs to prevent children from turning to gangs, as well as stopping the flow of guns into these cities.

Let me help you two Marxist mental midgets out. Stop blaming guns. You have been doing this for decades and nothing changes. Instead, do what Red States do with far more guns than your pathetically run cities.


Chicago shootings: 7 shot, 3 fatally, in weekend violence, CPD says

Eric Adams is former law enforcement and Mayor Beetlejuice has witnessed the blood flowing in Chicago gutters for decades. This isn’t rocket science folks, and these two understand it completely. They know it is a people problem. But instead of keeping violent recidivist thugs in jail they push no bail, light sentencing, and restrain their cops and prosecutors. If you lock up and keep the worst 5-10% of your violent thugs in jail, violent crime goes down exponentially. It is a start as you take control back on the streets. This will never happen in Chicago or NYC. They will continue pushing a false gun control agenda instead of protecting their residents from the violent thugs emboldened by their flawed policies.-APN.com

2 killed, 11-year-old boy among 17 others wounded in shootings in Chicago Thursday

Chicago’s Top Cop Fails In Bid To Save Job Of Officer Who Punched Protester In Face

Why the double standard? Why are left wing violent protesters protected against prosecution while Conservatives are flaked and unjustly punished?????? Our nation has been hijacked.

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VIDEO: Columbus Police Confront Active Shooter On Interstate

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Feds Charge Louisville Cop Who Fired Pepper Balls, Claim She Started Gunfight Between Man And National Guard

The ultimate cleaner and lubricant

NYC Daily Carnage

NYPD 9/11 Site being rebuilt….again….

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

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