Bodycam Shows Suspect Shot In Head After Grabbing Gun During Fight With Deputies At Walmart

Lake Forest, CA – The Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) released bodycam and security footage that captured the moment when an armed shoplifter was shot in the head while brawling with deputies at a Walmart store in January.

The incident occurred at the Foothill Ranch Walmart Supercenter located at 26502 Towne Centre Drive shortly before 9:40 p.m. on Jan 18, OCSD Sergeant Ryan Anderson said in the 21-minute video briefing.

A store loss prevention employee called the sheriff’s office dispatch center and reported that two suspects were walking around the store with a “suspected fraudulent receipt” on a phone and that they had “high-priced items” in a cart, Sgt. Anderson said.

“It’s a fraudulent receipt,” the caller said in the dispatch recording. “I clearly saw him in the electronics department grabbing high-ticket merchandise. They’re going to walk out soon.”

The employee provided the dispatcher with descriptions of both suspects and deputies were dispatched to the scene.

“Don’t reach for it,” the deputy warned him as he tried to pull the suspect’s hand away from the blade. “Get your f—king hand off the knife.”

Full Story Bodycam Shows Suspect Shot In Head After Grabbing Gun During Fight With Deputies At Walmart

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