Self-proclaimed activist shares video threatening police funerals: ‘I’m gonna f*** that s**t up. That’ll make news ASAP.’

BREAKING: Gunman Murders 2 Officers At ‘Safest College In Virginia’

A self-proclaimed activist has gone viral for threatening to “f*** up” police funerals even as NYPD Detective Jason Rivera was being laid to rest.

Rivera and his partner were killed in an ambush-style attack last week as they responded to a call for a domestic dispute.

Tens of thousands of NYPD officers showed up for Rivera’s final send-off, crowding the streets of New York City in order to pay their final respects to their brother in blue.

What are the details?

Activist Terrell Harper is reported to have shared the original video on his Instagram stories, which contained a photograph of the officers lining the streets of New York City.In the video, a man identified by several news outlets can be heard saying, “That’d have been a wet dream to f*** that funeral up, bro.””I can’t wait,” he added. “I’m looking for the next cop funeral. I’m gonna f*** it up, bro. I’m gonna f*** that s**t up. That’ll make news ASAP.”Harper continued, “I’m f***ing their next funeral up. You n*****s better not die no time soon because I’m gonna f*** your funeral up … Son, that’s going to be my new threat to them. I can’t wait for one of you all to die so I can f*** your funeral up, n*****.”Harper was accused of hurling racial slurs at an Asian NYPD officer in 2021, prompting a lawsuit.

Rest of story here

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