LA Looting Out of Control

I know, I know. Anyone with half a brain could have predicted what would happened when they legalized looting lol. But these are Socialist Democrats we are talking about and the morons who placed them in power. Half are truly that stupid, the other half are trying very hard to destroy the system from within.

Los Angeles suspects steal from Lululemon store, lead police on chase: reports

Why bother chasing them???? Nothing will happen to them if arrested anyway! You only jeopardize yourself.

Union Pacific blasts Los Angeles DA for going soft on crime, considers rerouting trains amid rail car looting

LA freight train looting ‘out of control’ as thieves worsen supply chain bottlenecks

LA Times executive editor says the word ‘looting’ has racist connotation

At least 20 involved in burglary, looting incident at Los …

LAPD gets first delivery of its new duty weapon, the FN 509 MRD-LE

Seven people shot, three fatally, in Baltimore on Wednesday night, police say

DeSantis’ proposed election police force alarms voting rights advocates – Just the advocates committing voter fraud are alarmed lol

Los Angeles community where Brianna Kupfer was killed calls for more police, mental health services – Stop voting for Marxist Democrats then!

Brianna Kupfer: Police arrest murder suspect in Pasadena after six-day manhunt

Indiana man shot dead after loudly knocking on relative’s front door, police say

Hero Down: Fort Valley PD Assistant Chief Major Jerrell Smith Dies Unexpectedly

VIDEO: NFL’s Malik McDowell Roams Street Stark Naked, Attack Deputy

Protests Start As Ex-Cop Convicted Of Murdering Laquan McDonald Granted Early Prison Release

Fired Police Chief Art Acevedo Sues Miami, Claims Firing Was Retaliation For Being Whistleblower

Ex-NYPD Sergeant Who Dated & Moved Drugs For 6ix9ine’s Nine Trey Bloods Gang Avoids Jail Time

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NYC Daily Carnage

Woman killed after pushed onto NYC subway tracks in unprovoked attack, police say

NYPD 9/11 Site being rebuilt….again….

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

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