LEAKED VIDEO: NYPD Commissioner Warns Cops In Leaked Memo: ‘Vaccinate Or No Pay’

Don’t submit to their will.

This is an unsafe untested unnecessary false vaccineVaccine Truth Forum

And if push comes to shove, come to Florida, come to freedom!

LEAKED VIDEO: NYPD Commissioner Warns Cops In Leaked Memo: ‘Vaccinate Or No Pay’

Watch! FDNY & NYPD surround DeBlasio’s home protesting mandatory vaccines! #medicaltyranny


Judge won’t stop vaccine mandate for NYC cops, other workers

Hundreds of NYPD cops get COVID-19 shot as vaccine deadline looms

Judge Blocks NYPD Union’s Attempt To Stop Vaccine Mandate As Deadline Looms

NYPD cop with record of ignoring rules quits over city’s COVID vaccine mandate

NYPD to host 1 Police Plaza retirement fair for cops who would rather quit than get COVID vaccine

Staten Island judge declines to block vaccine mandate for NYPD cops

Chicago police union takes fight against vaccine mandate to court as some hold-out cops sent home without pay

21 Chicago cops put on ‘no pay status’ in vaccine standoff

San Diego police, vaccine state firefighters protest …

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CDC Wants To Require Covid ID to Vote – DogFacePonia

UK Police Now Deal With 15 Deadly Machete Attacks a Day

Gun-related crime in England may be on the wane, but criminals are making up for the shortfall with deadly machete attacks, which occur every 90 minutes, according to newly available data.

Oklahoma Police Hunting Armored Gunman Who Shot Deputy, Escaped From Area

Third website I had to rebuild thanks to Big Tech Censorship

NY Trooper Indicted For Murder After 11-Year-Old Girl Killed During Car Chase

The ultimate cleaner and lubricant

Philly Gives Big Payday To Family Of Man Shot When He Lunged At Cops With Knife

NYPD 9/11 Site being rebuilt….again….

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

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