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War on Police=The Death of NYC

When I was growing up in the 70’s and 80’s NYC had large sections that were rubble, burnt out wastelands. Years of Democrat policies allowed crime to increase, encouraged freebies over work, which eventually drove a lot of the working class out to the suburbs.

Then came some sanity. Somehow Republican Rudy Giuliani won multiple terms and the race to save NYC was on. It was transformed through a lot of blood, sweat, and tears but NYC rose to greatness again. Crime plummeted, jobs were created, and neighborhoods were ressurrected as property values soared.

Then Insanity returned like it has in most of our nation. The people of NYC elected a Marxist mayor. Bill DiBlasio worked with Marxists in Nicaragua to empower Communists like himself. NYC began to decline again, largely because of the lunatics in power’s war on police. Without security and safety nothing positive can happen. And they know this.

If they succeed, advise those you love to leave these areas for the South. BUT MAKE SURE THEY LEAVE THEIR LIBERAL BELIEFS IN THE PLACES THEY DESTROYED.

The fight in NYC is not over yet. Get involved.

Help Stop the Anti-Policing Bill – S.6615WE MUST ACT NOW!

 In this current session of the NY State Senate, The Police Accountability Act (S.6615), sponsored by Attorney General Letitia James and State Senator Kevin Parker (21st Senate District, Brooklyn), is the latest attempt to limit our police officer’s powers to perform their sworn duty and protect the citizens, including retirees, of this state.  

This bill will effectively limit if not eliminate a police officer’s use of force option to protect life, either their own or a civilian’s.  The bill will require that the officer must take time to consider ALL other less than lethal options before they resort to the force option, therefore putting lives in danger without any consideration, whether that be a police officer or civilian life. 

The bill gives no consideration for the split-second decisions that an officer must make during a life and death situation.      The second guessing of our law enforcement must stop now before more people get injured or killed.  Previous changes to the law have led to an increase in crime and this new bill puts the criminal’s rights ahead of law enforcement and the citizens of this state and will only lead to more crime.  

Please get the word out to your family, friends and co-workers who reside in New York State and have them sign the petition and let Albany know that we are tired of the lack of support for our law enforcement. 

 There are only a few days left in this current legislative session and we must act now before it is too late.       Below is the link and the QR Code to a website created by the Police Conference of New York which must be completed and sent to our state legislators immediately.

Shootings surge in NYC — with potential for long, bloody summer ahead

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Kansas City Black Lives Matter activists carried a casket with a pig in it dressed as a cop. The activists painted “The other white meat” on the side of the casket and “abolish the police.” This story was mostly ignored by the liberal media. BLM Marxists envision a world without police officers so thugs can…

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Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes
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Ala. deputy drowns, another hospitalized saving swimmers

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