Alex Baldwin Violated Movie Industry Safety Protocol

No, let’s not be kind to Alec – American Thinker

When your a limo liberal anti gun anti cop D-bag, who was always running his mouth against cops who had to make split second decisions with a GUN, you can’t help but bash him now. So I will.

First some history.

NYPD Not Shedding Tears Over Baldwin’s Threat to Leave City

Alex had a few scuffles with the NYPD after they failed to honor his “elite” status and forced him to obey the same laws as the little people.

This POS was supposed to be following set gun safety guidelines in the movie industry- HE DIDN’T. Some of the crew had already walked out over these idiots and the horseplay with guns. Instead of following long set safety guidelines, Alex Baldwin pointed a weapon at a colleague and killed her.

Not intentional(as far as we know anyway), but reckless, and he should be charged for that.

Alec Baldwin’s Negligent Discharge: Unhinged Actor May Face Involuntary Manslaughter Charges

Ban the use of prop guns glamorizing gun violence in Hollywood!!!! How Many More Have To Die????-SATIRE ALERT

Actor John Schneider reacts to Alec Baldwin’s prop-gun fatal shooting | ‘Wake Up America’

Alec Baldwin arrested for fight over parking spot in New York City

“I wish him luck,” President Trump said when asked about Baldwin’s new legal problem.

Cops called to violent fight at Alec Baldwin’s apartment building

US Actor Alec Baldwin’s history of assault and angry behaviour

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Make it 9…….

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