Florida deputy couple who committed suicide honored for saving lives, won awards

The two Florida deputies who committed suicide within days of each other, leaving their 1-month-old son an orphan, had both been honored for saving people’s lives, according to reports.

St. Lucie County Deputy Clayton Osteen died Jan. 2 and Deputy Victoria Pacheco took her life “in the wake of Deputy Osteen’s death,” Sheriff Ken Mascara said in a statement this week.

Osteen, 24, who served in the US Marines, was awarded Deputy of the Year in 2020, a year after joining the department, WPTV reported, citing his personnel records.

“Clayton and Victoria were joy-filled, first-time parents excited about their growing family, enamored with their baby Jayce, and so in love with each other,” a statement says on a GoFundMe page for the child.

“Tragically, for reasons completely unknown and totally out of character, Clayton took his own life December 31st, 2021. Reeling from the shock of loss, Victoria took her own life two days later,” it continues.

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Florida deputy couple who committed suicide honored for saving lives, won awards

Baby orphaned after parents, both Florida deputies, take their own lives
Florida sheriff hopes 2 deputies’ suicides will be “catalyst for change” in attitude toward mental health

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