Gunman Opens Fire At Stockton PD Headquarters; He’s Dead Now

Stockton, CA – A gun battle between police and an armed suspect erupted outside Stockton police headquarters Wednesday night after the suspect showed up at the building and started shooting.

The incident occurred at approximately 8:30 p.m. on Dec. 8 at the Stockton Police Department’s (SPD) Operations Building located at 22 East Market Street, KOVR reported.

A preliminary investigation indicated the suspect arrived at the department’s front parking lot and began firing a gun, the SPD said in a press release later that night.

SPD Chief Scott Jones said the suspect was firing the weapon “wildly into the air,” according to KCRA.

Six SPD officers exited the building and were able to get the suspect onto the ground, and it initially seemed he was going to comply, Chief Jones said.

His officers ordered the shooter to drop his weapon, but the armed suspect ignored them, sprang back onto his feet and starting “charging” at the them while still carrying the gun, according to the chief.

He said five officers opened fire, shooting the suspect several times, according to KOVR.

No officers were injured during the melee, the department said in the press release.


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