NYPD- 2 Cops Shot/1 Hit By Car/ Chief Harrison Retiring

Two NYPD officers shot and injured during confrontation with armed ‘career criminal’ in the Bronx

Last year, to the day, we had 2 cops shot in the 105 Pct. They were released the next day from the hospital. I hope and pray these officers recover as quickly too.

Both female officer who’s also in Air Force Reserves and an 8-year veteran of the force expected to survive

  • Two New York City police officers were shot and injured by an armed suspect 
  • The violent altercation occurred in the Bronx on Wednesday night 
  • Both the officers approached the suspect when responding to a call of a man with a firearm at the location when gunfire quickly broke out
  • The officers were both hit but expected to survive; the suspect underwent surgery for his gunshot wound but is expected to survive
  • The police shooting comes are gun violence continues to climb in the city
  • A leaked poll revealed more than half of NYPD officers regret joining the force

Two NYPD officers shot and injured during confrontation with armed ‘career criminal’ in the Bronx

NYPD: Two city cops shot, wounded in the Bronx

Wishing you and your friends and family all a Happy Thanksgiving. Despite all the great efforts expended by the Democrats, we can all sleep at night knowing the thin blue line is still risking all to separate us from evil.

Press Conference About Shooting

2 incidents send 3 police officers to hospital with injuries

Two NYPD cops shot in the Bronx


NYPD Chief of Department Rodney Harrison retiring from force

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NYPD Beefs Up Security Ahead of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thugs Assaults 3 NYPD Officers and Leaves!

Growing Resistance: Thousands Of New Yorkers Gather To Protest Against Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates

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WILD police video shows a 60-year-old man’s afternoon attack as he shot at his estranged wife as she drove a school bus with a child inside before he was shot dead by police. 

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HUGE EXCLUSIVE: Archbishop Carlo Maria ViganĂ² Calls on People of Faith to Unite in a Worldwide Anti-Globalist Alliance to Free Humanity from the Totalitarian Regime (VIDEO)

NYPD 9/11 Site being rebuilt….again….

NYC Daily Carnage

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

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