Left Is Figuring Out Defund the Police Was a Dud

Slogans like “Law and order” on the right or “Defund the police” on the left are too simplistic to provide the magic pill we all wish we had to solve all of our crime problems.

Ya Think????? This was put together to create violence and anarchy in our urban areas where minorities would be the biggest victims. This was created by Democrat/Globalist elite who would not be defunding their police and actually are paying record amounts on private security on top of it.

To anyone ignorant or blind enough to follow such an insane concept, shame on you. You deserve to live in areas that police departments were handcuffed in and defunded. You do not deserve to make critical decisions for your fellow citizens in a voting booth.

And by the way, no matter how hard the Democrats and the left try to divide our nation by race/gender/religion/etc, of course minorities overwhelmingly support the police!!

“Super Happy Fun America” Boston protest turns violent when Antifa arrives, attacks peaceful protesters

Members of Antifa showed up to counterprotest, bringing violence to the event and leading to police having to show up in force.

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