Invasion USA

Militia Group Sending 100 Men to Texas County to Fight …

“President Biden’s reckless open border policies have created an absolute crisis along our southern border as cartels and smugglers overwhelm and divert our nation’s resources to smuggle in drugs, weapons, criminals, and other contraband,” Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s press secretary Renae Eze told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Claiming he hasn’t had time to visit the border in over 44 years in public office, including now as Commander-in-Chief charged with defending our nation’s sovereignty, is pathetic.”

“Americans deserve better,” Eze added. “While President Biden refuses to do his job and ignores the pleas for help from our border communities, Texas continues stepping up by deploying thousands of National Guard soldiers and DPS troopers to secure our border and protect Texans.”

REPORT: Potential Border War In Texas As Patriot Militias Square Off Against An Armed Invasion Force

Militias Heading to Southern Border-Is a border war kicking off right now? Trusted sources say battles have begun.

Congresswoman Miller: The invasion of our border PLUS amnesty is truly the end of our country

Militia Moves Into Texas Border County to Deter Illegal Immigration

Migrant Caravan Leader Vows to Flood U.S. Border: ‘We Are Ready for War!’



Project Camelot and other are reporting the following-

Late tonight via direct contact with boots at the TX-MX border. (boots = spec ops recon/combat vets)

Cartels have entered northern Maverick county and southern Kinney county are already engaged in firefights with private citizens, and have taken over a small town on US soil tonight, in what is thought to be preparation for the invasion. All law enforcement and US Border Patrol have left the area.

Expectations: 380,000+ illegals are hitting the southern Texas border in less than 72 hours from 2300 22-10-21.

150,000 (half) will hit northern Texas entrance (Del Rio) to overwhelm and breach entrance, causing Border Patrol and National Guard to be sent.

150.000 (half) will hit southern Texas entrance (Laredo) to overwhelm and breach entrance
causing more Border Patrol and National Guard to be sent.

80,000 armed Haitians will hit the middle absent of protection, and proceed with an invasion.

Heavy fighting is expected starting Monday (10-25-21) and is expected to grow in intensity thru the week.

REPORT: Potential Border War In Texas As Patriot Militias Square Off Against An Armed Invasion Force

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Report: At Least Nine Bodies Found amid Searches for Petito, Laundrie

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Minneapolis Cop Charged Over Deadly Pursuit Which Killed Uncle Of Teen Who Filmed George Floyd’s Death

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Video: Cops fire Taser into car before driver takes off — over police car hood

A Union Scandal Landed Hundreds of NYPD Officers on a Secret Watchlist. That Hasn’t Stopped Some From Jeopardizing Cases

Photos inside Rikers Island expose hellish, deadly conditions

Wild video shows broad-daylight Bronx shootout near elementary school

Two teen passengers killed in LI crash: cops

NYPD 9/11 Site being rebuilt….again….

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

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