VIDEO: Robbery Suspect Opens Fire On Cop While Running, Loses Gunfight

Rochester, NY – Rochester police released bodycam video on Tuesday of a gunfight inside a Family Dollar store that left an armed robber dead (video below).

Rochester Police Chief Cynthia Herriott-Sullivan released a video briefing of the incident on Oct. 12, one day before her resignation as the city’s top cop went into effect, WROC reported.

“It’s always been my goal to be as transparent as possible with the public and to share as much information as we can while keeping in mind that we have to respect the evidentiary value in certain instances,” Chief Herriott-Sullivan said in the video release.

3 Texas Deputies Shot From Behind In Ambush Attack

WE REMEMBER, on this date….33 years ago.

On the evening of October 18, 1988, Police Officer Christopher Hoban and Police Officer Michael Jermyn, assigned to Manhattan North Narcotics, entered an apartment building on West 105th Street as part of an undercover operation. Two suspects entered the building along with the officers. After entering the building, the officers met a third suspect inside. The suspects believed that Hoban and Jermyn were police officers and the suspects searched them for weapons, finding Officer Jermyn’s service weapon. Officer Hoban pulled out his weapon and a shootout ensued. Police Officer Hoban was shot in the head and chest. One suspect was killed. Officer Hoban was rushed to Saint Luke’s Medical Center where he died. Police Officer Hoban was 26-years-old and had been with the department for four years. He was survived by his parents and two brothers.

Less than three hours later that same evening, Police Officer Michael Buczek and Police Officer Joseph Barbato, assigned to the 34 Precinct, were completing a radio assignment at a building on 161st Street near Broadway. The officers observed several men engaged in what they believed to be a drug transaction. The males fled as the officers pursued them. As the chase ensued, suspect turned and fired at the officers, striking Officer Buczek in the chest. Officer Barbato returned fire and attempted to render aid to Officer Buczek. Officer Buzcek was transported to Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital where he died shortly after. Police Officer Michael Buczek was 24-years-old and had served more than three years protecting New York. He was survived by his wife, parents, brother and sister. REMEMBER, on this date….33 years ago. See 

Supreme Court Blocks Lawsuit’s Effort To Ignore Trooper’s Qualified Immunity In Shooting

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NYPD 9/11 Site being rebuilt….again….

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

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