Hero Down: Nassau County Sheriff’s Deputy Josh Moyers Murdered By Gunman

Jacksonville, FL – Nassau County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) Deputy Josh Moyers died in the line of duty on Sunday after being shot in the face and back during a traffic stop two days prior.

The attack occurred as the 29-year-old deputy was conducting a traffic stop in Callahan at approximately 2 a.m. on Sept. 24, CNN reported.

Police later discovered the vehicle, which was allegedly being driven by 35-year-old Patrick McDowell, was stolen, CNN reported.

The interaction between Deputy Moyers and McDowell was captured by Deputy Moyers’ bodycam, according to The Florida Times-Union.

At one point during the stop, Deputy Moyers went back to his patrol vehicle to run a check on McDowell and discovered his name didn’t match the ownership records of the suspect vehicle.

The deputy went back to the driver and asked him if he had any weapons and to step out of the vehicle, according to investigators.

“The driver’s arm came out of the vehicle with a handgun and shot the deputy right here,” Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper later told reporters, gesturing towards his face.

When Deputy Moyers collapsed to the ground after the first gunshot, the gunman “reached out and shot him in the back,” Sheriff Leeper said.

McDowell then sped off in the stolen vehicle before abandoning it in a nearby wooded area and fleeing on foot, The Florida Times-Union reported.

The suspect was eventually captured on Tuesday after a five-day manhunt.

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Hero Down: Nassau County Sheriff’s Deputy Josh Moyers Murdered By Gunman

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