Biden Lied to 9/11 Families about Saudi Arabia

Does he ever tell the truth? Does he even know what day it is?

Members of the 9/11 community have prepared the following statement:
Six months ago the 9/11 community had great hopes that President Joe Biden would be the long lost champion of those directly affected by this murderous attack on our nation, finally placing the values of truth, justice, and accountability before the interests of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Biden the campaigner, in an October 2020 letter, promised the 9/11 community that, if elected president, “I intend to be a President for all Americans, and will hear all of their voices. The 9/11 Families are right to seek full truth and accountability…I will direct my Attorney General to personally examine the merits of all cases where the invocation of privilege is recommended, and to err on the side of disclosure in cases where, as here, the events in question occurred two decades or longer ago.”

We understand President Biden’s desire to mark the solemn occasion of the 20th anniversary at Ground Zero. However, we cannot in good faith, and with veneration to those lost, sick, and injured, welcome the president to our hallowed grounds until he fulfills his commitment.
Since the conclusion of the 9/11 Commission in 2004 much investigative evidence has been uncovered implicating Saudi government officials in supporting the attacks. Through multiple administrations, the Department of Justice and the FBI have actively sought to keep this information secret and prevent the American people from learning the full truth about the 9/11 attacks. Despite numerous requests by Democratic and Republican members of Congress and hundreds of 9/11 family members imploring previous and now the current administration to bring transparency to the matter, these efforts have been rebuffed and the issue has remained inexplicably ignored. 

As we approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and having been used as a political bargaining chip for two decades, our patience has expired. We had great hope that President Biden, who campaigned on bringing truth and trust back to the Oval Office, would value the lives and sacrifices of America’s citizens over diplomatic relations with a country accused of mass murder. 
To be clear, the Biden administration still has a historic opportunity to fulfill his campaign promise and, more important, finally give our families and the American people the truth they deserve about 9/11. Twenty years later, there is simply no reason – unmerited claims of “national security” or otherwise – to keep this information secret.

But if President Biden reneges on his commitment and sides with the Saudi government, we would be compelled to publicly stand in objection to any participation by his administration in any memorial ceremony of 9/11, given its continuation of polices that thwart Americans’ rights to hold accountable those who, known evidence reveals, materially supported the 9/11 hijackers.
Accordingly, we implore President Biden to:
1) Authorize the release of all documents and information to the 9/11 community that our government has accrued in its investigation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (and which former FBI agents have sworn establishes the Kingdom’s role in 9/11) to allow us to rightfully obtain justice against the Kingdom.
2) Implement a policy toward the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that makes clear it must acknowledge its role in terrorist attacks against our citizens and residents, which in the last 20 years include not just 9/11 but the horrific murder of Jamal Khashoggi, and the murder of U.S. servicemembers in Pensacola, Florida; and, accordingly, immediately cease the Kingdom’s support for acts of terrorism. 
It is our deep hope that President Biden promptly upholds in meaningful ways his campaign promise to us and then stands by our side at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City on 9/11/21, where we can together honor those who died and were injured – armed with the truth that it has taken 20 years too long to receive.

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