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Editorial: Biden is well aware his crime plan won’t work – but let’s be honest, this is all about votes.

This article contains editorial content by a guest writer for Law Enforcement Today.

President Biden’s plan to combat violent crime is simply bizarre. But to be perfectly honest, so are all the rest of the national anti-crime plans that preceded it.

As Joe would put it, “Folks, we don’t have a clue as to what reduces crime but people are telling me that we lost Congressional seats during the last election due to increasing crime, and they are suggesting the same will happen in the midterms unless I put out a plan.”

“No one believes it will have a chance in hades to reduce violent crime but I have to do something to provide Congressional Democrats with cover.”

Hades (the brother of Zeus) is the land of the dead, or as others would refer to it, criminology.

The plain truth is that we don’t know why crime goes up or down. We don’t have concrete evidence or research as to what we should do now. There are tons of people with impressive credentials who will insist that their way is the path to enlightenment, but they are simply guessing.

Per CNN, rising crime is putting Democrats on edge.

The Washington Post

The White House now feels it has to put out a crime plan, even though every reasonable person understands that the president’s actions have little if any effect on whether crime goes up or down. Here’s how The Post describes the situation:

Biden’s planned remarks Wednesday will put the White House at the forefront of a delicate issue that has dogged him and the Democratic Party in the past and carries potential political consequences for them.

Administration officials are eager to show that the president is attuned to the problem and taking concrete steps to reduce crime, people familiar with the plans said, the Washington Post.

Even the ultra-liberal Marshal Project proclaims, “The White House’s new crime plan demands a fact-based debate over details.”

What Not To Do

But I have suggestions as to what not to do. Stop demonizing all cops. Stop giving criminals cover.

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