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MASS. STATE POLICE STATEMENTS: (5:35 a.m.) We are currently on scene for an ongoing situation involving several armed persons on Route 95 in Wakefield. We currently have Route 95 shutdown between Lynnfield and Stoneham. We are asking residents of Wakefield and Reading to shelter in place at this time. The situation is fluid. Media responding to the ongoing situation on Route 95 are directed to stage at the 99 Restaurant parking lot, 10 Main St., Stoneham. Media responding to the ongoing situation on Route 95 are directed to stage at the 99 Restaurant parking lot, 10 Main St., Stoneham. We will update further when appropriate.

UPDATE 1 (5:41 a.m.) We have several armed persons accounted for at this scene on Rt 95. They are refusing to comply with orders to provide their information and put down their weapons. We are asking residents of Wakefield and Reading to shelter in place at this time. Media are asked to report to the staging area and not to try to get closer to the scene for safety reasons.

UPDATE 2 (6:41 a.m.) Two suspects are in custody. They were observed and arrested by members of the Northeast Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council on North Avenue in Wakefield. MSP has taken custody of the suspects and transported them to one of our barracks. The situation is ongoing with the remaining members of the group. We continue to work to resolve the situation peacefully.

UPDATE 3 (7:13 a.m.) TENTATIVE — We are looking at holding a media briefing in approximately 1 hour at the staging area at the 99 in Stoneham. I will confirm as we get closer to the time.

UPDATE 4 (7:47 a.m.) Colonel Mason and Wakefield PD will brief media at 8:10 am at our staging area, 99 Restaurant, 10 Main St, Stoneham.

UPDATE 5 (10:30 a.m.) Remaining suspects on highway have been taken into custody by MSP Special Tactical Operations Team. Seven additional suspects being transported for booking. We will now conduct sweeps of their 2 vehicles and woods. Total of 9 in custody counting the initial two arrested. We will let you know when briefing will be. Thank you to our many partner agencies who assisted.

UPDATE 6 (Appx. 10:50 a.m.) 95 southbound reopened. Northbound remains closed. Sweeps of vehicles and woodline ongoing.

UPDATE 7 (Appx. 10:55 a.m.) Shelter in place lifted for residents of Wakefield and Reading. Media briefing soon, will advise exact time

UPDATE 8 (Appx. 11:02 a.m.) Media briefing at approximately 11:15 AM at 99 restaurant staging area.

UPDATE 9 (Appx. 11:10 a.m.) Two additional suspects were located in their vehicles, bringing the total number of those arrested to 11 (two initially on North Avenue and nine outside and inside the vehicles) ……………… According to their website, the “Rise of the Moors” group say they are “Moorish Americans dedicated to educating new Moors and influencing our Elders…” On their website, their mission states: “The main focus of Rise of the Moors is to perform all things relating to and appropriate to portraying the overall history of our ancestors – the Olmecs, Moabites, Canaanites, Hittites etc.; Informing all Moors of their political status here in the Maghreb Al Aqsa (America – Morocco the most extreme west);

Enlighten the minds of the fallen Moors, restoring them the their ‘In Full Life,’ ‘In Propria Persona Sui Juris’ status, as opposed to the mentality of a minor who is ‘Civil liter Mortuus’; to promote a collective of Moorish Americans and connecting them to the Rise of the Moors social and economic platform; to promote the use of moral principles and the branches of knowledge dealing with ethical awareness; to encourage all Moorish Americans to believe in the capacity of each other to succeed in business, to encourage, support and provide patronage in our affairs.” ​

“Our business endeavors will achieve its highest in fulfillment and confidence with the cooperation and patronage of all nationals and especially emphasized whenever possible between other Moorish Americans.” (Media release video from Rise of the Moors on Youtube…) HN NOTE: This is a developing story. There a many remaining unanswered questions. The Interstate Highway standoff lasted approximately 9 hours on a busy Fourth of July weekend. The latest is that 11 of these men were taken into custody today. The police investigation is ongoing.

Happy Independence Day

Today is a special day here at the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office. Today, we needed some assistance for the Fourth of July Parade. Today, we have assisting us Deputy Zach. Deputy Zach has always dreamed of being a law enforcement professional and today, Deputy Zach’s dream came true. When you see Deputy Zach out on the parade route, give him a big shout and a waive!!

The ultimate cleaner and lubricant

Hero Down: Grove City Police K9 Max Dies During Surgery

Deputy Fired For Not Activating Bodycam Before Fatal Shooting Of Hunter Brittain

NYPD 9/11 Site being rebuilt….again….

OTJ….Legend… “NYPD Detective Skippy”…..

One of the first faces you meet….Recruit Medical & Drug Testing applicant’s, etc….Wore a bullet around his neck (on a chain), which ricocheted off his head while on patrol…….

(Passed away few years ago I just heard)…..Dealt with “raw wannabes Cops”, – Not the Academy candidates….* He told many of “mopes” at the medical that – “”There’s a bunch of guys from Warrants Division downstairs who are looking!”” – after he read part of there background checks on wannabes candidates………* “

“I see a lot of your pale faces here today from “East Cupcake”,……Waaaaay too many of you are from of East Cup Cake….Where the hell is this job heading???……How many of you got lost getting here today from East Cup Cake?….Welcome to NYC East Cup Cakes……(East Cup Cake was suburban Long Islanders/Skippy had little use for East Cup Cake Suburbanites/He was NYC Guy)…….* “

” We have a medical today, – How many are you guys are “Surfers?”…..Because you’re gonna have a lot of swinging and swaging going on here today, – Enjoy your morning surfers!””…… (Surfers were a couple of male recruits who did not wear underwear to the exams)…..Embarrassment for them all morning….* “” Your careers are over as of today before you even start here @ at LeFrak, – If you miss them “dole test bottles” while your peeing, – If you miss aim in peeing in those bottles…Then you must be on drugs!! Goodbye!””…..(Dole was drug testing)…..* “

” If you can’t name five John Wayne Movies, – Then you absolutely have NO shot of becoming a Cop in the NYPD – In fact, we need to deport you to Russia immediately”

“……* “”Yabdabdoooo – Hello Fred Flintstone!””…….Over weight candidates when they stepped on the scale …..Dozens of famous comments, way to many to list….lol..thanks

Union Boss Sues After NYPD Disciplines Him For Union Statements Criticizing City Leaders

Four people injured in three separate shootings across NYC

Third website I had to rebuild thanks to Big Tech Censorship

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

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Bill Cosby to be released from prison after conviction vacated – ABC News

Bill Cosby is to be released from prison after his conviction was vacated.

APN on Gab!
Deep State Digest

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