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Poll: Dems Blame Guns, Racism For Crime Spike, 37% Think Police Are ‘Too Tough’ On Criminals

Poll: Dems Blame Guns, Racism For Crime Spike, 37% Think Police Are ‘Too Tough’ On Criminals

You know they aren’t this stupid right? It would be much more comforting if they were….OK I digress, some of them are this stupid. This is another orchestrated crisis by Democrats to use as a means to their end, no matter how many die. The rule of law is dead in America- our voices must be heard in NUMBERS to defeat this evil and insanity.

Washington, DC – Democrats believe “rising gun sales” and “systemic racism” are to blame for the nationwide spike in crime, but they also think police are “too tough” on most criminals, according to a new poll.

Yahoo News/YouGov conducted the survey of 1,592 U.S. adults between June 22 and June 24 and found that 55 percent of Americans described “violent crime” as “a very big problem” in this country, Yahoo News reported.

The poll revealed that number was six percent higher than it was in May, and showed it wasn’t just Republican voters who were worried about skyrocketing crime.

Only 45 percent of Democrats called violent crime “a very big problem” in May, but that number jumped to 53 percent in June, Yahoo News reported.

Republicans who felt the same way went from 56 percent in May to 65 percent in June.

In May, 43 percent of Americans disapproved of how President Joe Biden was handling the crime problem in the United States, Yahoo News reported.

By June, 47 disapproved.

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What did you expect from placing Democrats in power? Thankfully I live in a conservative county in a red state – not impacted. Unfortunately many Americans live under radical leftists in most of this country where this should be a major concern.

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