Police Officer Who Made Viral TikTok Video Mocking LeBron James SUSPENDED — Fundraiser Launched

Police Officer Who Made Viral TikTok Video Mocking LeBron James SUSPENDED — Fundraiser Launched

The police officer who posted a hilarious video mocking LeBron James has been suspended from his job over the harmless joke.

Nate Silvester, an officer in Bellevue, Idaho, aims to “humanize the badge” with his funny and topical posts on TikTok.

According to Silvester’s best friend, Gannon Ward, the city did not find the officer’s video as funny as millions of us did and have suspended him for a week. While he is currently still employed, angry leftists are definitely trying to change that.


NYPD’s robot dog will be returned after outrage

*** ON SPEC *** NYPD robot at barricade situation at 344 east 28 street in Manhattan. April 12, 2021 Credit: Peter Gerber

That’s ruff.

The NYPD will part ways with “Digidog,” the robotic police dog that became the subject of a City Council subpoena after images of it went viral.

The department told The Post on Wednesday that it ended a contract with Boston Dynamics to lease the four-legged robo-cop.

“The contract has been terminated and the dog will be returned,” a spokesperson said.

The sudden termination comes after a clip of the machine patrolling a Manhattan housing project went viral, sparking backlash and drawing comparisons to the dystopic TV series “Black Mirror.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio then urged the NYPD to “rethink” its use of the robot. Eventually, City Council leaders agreed and decided to subpoena the NYPD to find out its cost.

Police officials told The New York Times that the department had ended its $94,000 contract with the robot dog’s maker on April 22 in response to the inquiries from Council Speaker Corey Johnson and Councilman Ben Kallos.

The lease on the dog, which had been scheduled to end in August, was cut short after the pup became a “target,” said John Miller, the NYPD’s deputy commissioner for intelligence and counterterrorism.

He said people were improperly using the dog to fuel arguments about race and surveillance, according to the Times.

“People had figured out the catchphrases and the language to somehow make this evil,” Miller said.

Police had previously used the dog in February while responding to a home invasion and hostage situation in the Bronx — earning jeers from local politicians including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who called it a “robotic surveillance ground drone.”


Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

One Deputy Killed, Another Shot, Trapped In House With Gunman

By Sandy Malone and Christopher Berg Boone, NC – Two Watauga County sheriff’s deputies were shot while conducting a…

NYPD cop fatally shoots self inside NYC apartment

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Residents launch campaign to recall entire Red Wing City Council over firing of police chief

Red Wing residents are coming to the aid of recently fired former Police Chief Roger Pohlman, aiming to recall all seven city councilors over the handling of his abrupt dismissal.

Hero Down: Olmstead Co. Detention Deputy Mark Anderson Dies Of Heart Attack After Confrontation With Inmate

After Days Of Protests, DA Says Andrew Brown Rammed Deputies With Car Before He Was Shot

Then the DA and other politicians are complicit and should be held liable. They withheld information they knew would diffuse violence.

Deep State Digest

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