NYPD cop dies after being struck by drunk driver in Queens

NYPD cop dies after being struck by drunk driver in Queens

More Than 5,300 Cops Left NYPD In 2020, Exodus Continuing In 2021

F**k the Police!” – Black Woman Posts Video Drinking Shots, and Cursing Police Before Killing Police Officer and Father of Young Children in Hit-and-Run

Woman admits she downed vodka before fatal NYPD cop crash, gives tearful apology

NYPD union slams Big Apple as ‘city of violence’ amid surge in shootings

De Blasio’s ‘crime’ is stiffing the NYPD: Goodwin

Gunplay breaks out on street near Yankees game, NYPD says

Maniac who whacked cop in Queens taken for psych eval after refusing to face charges

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

Per Derek Chauvin and related incidents, are all cops brutal or racist?

Per President Obama, society demands too much from police officers. Until communities and society figure this out, I believe it’s difficult to be a cop without enormous personal risk. Communities constantly change their minds as to the kind of policing they want. Because of the stereotypes and endless negative media coverage, is it time to leave law enforcement?#DerickChauvin#GrorgeFloyd#policereform#criminaljusticereform#policeuseofforce#policeshootings#crimenews#violentcrime#crime

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Ex-NJ cop who slapped teen sentenced to four years in prison

Deep State Digest

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