‘I’ve had enough’: Are NYPD officers rushing to retire amid anti-cop climate?

‘I’ve had enough’: Are NYPD officers rushing to retire amid anti-cop climate?

NYPD suffers 75 percent increase in officer departures in 2020

De Blasio may finally understand NYC’s crime crisis — but still won’t get serious about it

Protesters block traffic, clash with cops on Brooklyn Bridge

Corey Johnson joins comptroller foe to stop NYPD hiring rogue cops Rogue cops??? You can’t get hired with a bad driving record in the NYPD!!!! More fuel to flame the anti cop agenda…

Video shows the moment NYPD cop is dragged by a car driven by freed gang member

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes
Ahhhh, the bad ol’, good ol’ days…………….

Retired NYPD cop among 15 shot across NYC amid gun violence surge

National FOP’s Statement On Derek Chauvin’s ‘Fair’ Trial Faces Criticism By Members

Third website I need to rebuild thanks to Big Tech Censorship

42 Pct NYC 1980’s

Ohio girl, 13, stabbed to death, and another 13-year-old girl is charged with her murder

Guess Lebron wasn’t available to stop it……….

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Cop Found Critically Wounded, Unresponsive After Responding To Fight Call Alone

VIDEO: Man With Knife Chases Cop, Ignores Taser Before Fatal Shooting

Study shows that blacks and Biden voters ‘vastly overestimate’ number of blacks killed by police

Deep State Digest

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