Caught on camera: Black Lives Matter activists threaten police: ‘You shoot us, we shoot you’

Caught on camera: Black Lives Matter activists threaten police: ‘You shoot us, we shoot you’

COLUMBUS, OH– According to a video posted to Twitter on Thursday, April 22nd, Black Lives Matter activists protesting near the site where an armed 16-year-old was fatally shot by police, threatened to kill police in retaliation. 

In the video, an unidentified speaker says:

“We’re not gonna sit here and just sit around while you shoot and kills us and back to the suburbs. We’re sick…maybe it needs to be an eye for an eye.”

The individual continued:

“They shoot us, we shoot them! You shot us, we shoot you!

In the days since the fatal shooting, activists have argued that Officer Nicholas Reardon should have attempted to de-escalate the situation.

According to the Daily Caller, Black Liberation Movement Central Ohio founder Kiara Yakita said that Reardon’s use of force was unjust because he chose to immediately use deadly force.

Yakita said in a statement:

“When I saw the body-cam, I noticed the difference in how they police. When it comes to black people, they do not like to de-escalate. The reaction seems to be to fear black people who are in conflict and to just try and violently stop them.”

She added:

“There’s not many questions asked, there is hardly any time spend trying to identify who’s the victim, who’s the aggressor, who’s the person who even called us here for help in the first place.”


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