America Held Hostage by Stupid Hateful People

American racism and Covid-19 terror witch-hunt purges are the methods that democratic socialism has used to bring America down to where it is today – held hostage by the left. If you are not for black criminals, then you are a white supremacist. If you are not self-quarantined wearing a mask and not socializing, then you are more dangerous to society than criminals. This is not reality. This is leftist extreme propaganda corrupting people’s hearts and minds with their hate and fear. How the pendulum has swung. Racism in America is a case study of how racism throughout history has swung one way or another, and how the left tears down culture to remake the world in their own twisted image. If America, led by a president as patriotic as Donald Trump, does not push back as aggressively, then the left will steal liberty out from under the feet of the people.

50% of people have an IQ under 100. But that isn’t what makes someone stupid. 50% of people are emotionally dysfunctional. But that isn’t what makes people bad. What makes them bad is the immoral choices they make. When they choose to disregard good sense, the truth, and simple facts, they are exercising their immoral stupidity. When they choose to be mean-spirited, wicked, and commit hateful acts that harm others in the name of righteousness, they are exercising immorality. How many leftists, including Christians, condemn Jews the way Islamists and Nazis do? They don’t do it because they are doing what is right. They are not doing it because Jesus taught them to do so. Like most liberals who forget that Democrats are the party of slavery, leftist Christians forget that Jesus is a Jew. There are no reasonable, logical arguments that these people will accept. They respond only to what stirs up their emotions – and they are irrational and insane.

Want to live in a Democrat Utopia? Go to Seattle and live in the Antifa/BLM No-Go Zone and see what a wonderful life you can live in a perpetual block party of peaceniks living the summer of love. Don’t mind the people who are beaten, robbed, and raped. Don’t mind the businesses that are shutdown, whose owners are burned out, or the shakedowns by thugs in the streets. Don’t mind that these thugs are armed and you are not, or that there is no police or fire protection. They are there for you. The only reason there is crime is just because of those filthy Christian Republicans. Living in Democrat sanctuaries free from American law under the dictators of liberal fascists is heaven on earth. Why would any Democrat want to leave this and move to a red state? We in Texas and the other great Republican run states don’t feel the least bit sorry for your because


Do you believe stupid people are not dangerous? Do think liars are not effective? What the Democrat Party tells people are nothing but lies 100% of the time. If they say anything that is true it is because a Republican revealed the proof of the truth and they are just trying to create some credibility for themselves. But there are millions of liberals who believe that Russian collusion is real, that man-made climate change is going to kill the planet, that socialism is benevolent, and that everyone they hate is a racist xenophobe. They do not recognize their irrationality, delusions, or bigotry in themselves. If you move to a red state to escape liberal fascism, then don’t be so stupid as to vote for more Democrats. Dumbass!

These are the people who are using guns, the same guns that they want seized from good citizens, to impose their lawlessness on others. They want to make “cop free zones” that are the equivalent of Moslem “no-go zones” in Europe, to demand that police be abolished, and allow criminals to rule claiming that this would make life fair and safer for minorities. Now you know why they want you disarmed. They say that racist white cops are the most dangerous murderers of innocent black people. This requires the insanity of ignoring the truth – that 99% of innocent blacks are murdered by black criminals. It’s the same with their stupid assertions that climate change is more dangerous than Moslem jihadi terrorists.

The gangster culture that has been bred into black culture, to make them glorify criminals, neglect their children, and prey on the weak in their own neighborhoods, has all been ingrained in them by their own Democrat masters corrupting their hearts and minds. This is what needs to be changed. Giving in to Democrat terrorism will not produce better results for America but make the nation worse. It will lead to greater ignorance and the self-righteous hypocrisy of leftism. Theirs is the ideology of denial, stupidity, and wickedness.

People of the left who say it is not possible for a black man to be a racist are the most heinous of two-faced deceiving liars. What do they think? Are black men too pure of heart and spirit to be hateful? Wtf is wrong with these people’s brains? What kind of stupid, idiotic moron would believe any such thing in the face of black crime? They say black men don’t have the “political power” required to be racist. What kind of stupid, idiotic moron would believe any such thing in the face of human nature? This is just proof that being a liberal is being invested in stupidity.

As Democrat governors hold citizens and businesses hostage to their phony flu-virus quarantine, Democrat mayors allow liberal fascists to create Democrat “autonomous zones.” These are their versions of the Moslem no-go zones that have been created in European cities. Allowing this kind lawless seizure of territory in violation of the rights of citizens is how nations are conquered from within. This is how Moslems have “peacefully” conquered nations. They seize territory to impose their own laws on the populace. And when the government strikes back, they cry out that they are the victims of oppression.     This hasn’t worked in China where a socialist dictatorship keeps their boot on the neck of the people. But it is working in Europe and the USA where the ignorant arrogance of liberalism gives them a foothold.

Why President Trump hasn’t lowered the boom on these lawless Democrats usurping presidential power, declaring themselves sanctuaries to illegal aliens, and overriding the Constitution, remains a mystery. Liberal fascism has always been the culture of hateful stupidity. America did not begin with racism. The left’s 1619 Movement is deception and lies to create more racism. Racism came with people just as all prejudice and bigotry does. People are not born prejudiced or bigoted. They are learned traits. These negative character traits are not traits of righteous people. They are traits of leftists. While there are some Republicans who are no doubt prejudiced and bigoted, the vast majority of prejudiced bigots are Democrats because that has always been the home of leftism in America.

The Democratic Party was founded by Andrew Jackson as the slave party of the South whose Founders argued in the Continental Congress to have Madison strike the abolishment of slavery from the Constitution. Democrat’s leftwing party began as the Federalist Party wanting the president to be a king and elites to rule over the masses. They competed against Jefferson’s Democratic-Republican Party, that was founded under constitutional Christianity, to have all men be free having power over the government rather than serving the government. This party morphed into the Whigs and then into the Republicans as the Grand Old Party.

White supremacists fought to keep slavery until the election of Lincoln. That 90% of 21st century black Democrats don’t know that Lincoln was a Republican who freed the slaves, that Republicans fought for the rights of freed slaves, or that Republicans instituted the Civil Rights reforms of MLK, Jr., is a testament to the effectiveness of Democrat indoctrination to misinform in schools. That they think Johnny Redneck became Republican and good people of the North became Democrats under Reagan is their own ignorant stupidity talking. The swing happened because Reagan opened up the economy the way Trump did by lowering taxes and eliminating restrictions. But Democrat controlled unions in the North wouldn’t relent so Republicans moved south. This is what Democrats have taught blacks to hate America, hate white people, glorify criminals, and become America’s new racist party as Black Supremacists.

They use the criminal advocacy of Black Lives Matter the same way that Democrats use their advocacy of democracy. These black liars murder police and any innocent, righteous black person that stands against them! These are deceptions to conceal the fact that they are the opposite of what they declare themselves as being. Thus, the pendulum of racism in America has swung from Democrat white supremacists against blacks to Democrat black supremacists against whites.

The Atlanta shooting is a prime example. This drunk was not parked to sleep it off. He was in the drive-thru lane unconscious with the car in gear and his foot on the brake. The left believes he should have been allowed to drive off. How stupid are they to want drunk drivers on the road? This shooting was absolutely justified as the perp went berserk, punched out officers, grabbed a weapon off one, then attempted to use it on another officer. Shooting is justified despite tasers being non-lethal because if he had tased the other officer he could have grabbed their guns and killed them both. Criminals say this man was justified in resisting arrest because he knew he was going to be murdered. What kind of stupid, moronic, dumbass logic is that? Being drunk is no excuse. People commit murders while drunk. Charging this officer with murder is pandering to the mob and will cause all officers to lose morale knowing their government is against them, and we will lose our protection.

BLM is not a peace advocate group, but a criminal advocate PAC for black supremacists whose bigotry smears all white people as white supremacists. These Antifa communist Nazis that have declared their autonomous zone its own country needs to be taken down, rounded up, have their citizenship stripped, and deported to the communist country of their choice. If they end up in internment camps in China or Russian, they will be welcomed and learn what it truly is to live life under socialism. The Democrat mayors, governors, and congressmen who are endorsing these people in their states and cities as sanctuaries need to be charged with treason and hanged!

There is no reason to trust Democrats advocating for mail-in voting this November. They already commit massive voter fraud that probably accounts for 10% of ballots. With mail-in votes they could duplicate what Minnesota does every election and overturn the results a week after the election is over. They just put in a few million ballots in battleground states and pull them out to flip the election that Trump wins. They were not prepared in 2016, but they got prepared in 2018 which is how they flipped a score of Republican seats in California alone. Democrats believe they are entitled to power. They smear anyone who stands against them claiming they are the righteous when they are the leftists. If you know your Bible then you know Satan does this, too, when he denigrates God.


  • Character of corruption
  • Hearts of hate
  • Minds of madness
  • Souls of selfishness
  • Lunacy of lies

Respect – respect is earned. It cannot be taken, nor can it be demanded. Those leftists who demand respect under threat of force are not taking respect, they are imposing fear. A righteous person earns the respect of others. A leftist mistakes the fear they inflict as respect for being “dissed” are just hateful dictators creating fear in the hearts of the innocent. This is how criminals live. This is the heart and soul of leftism. They do not have the character of makers, givers, and leaders. The left makes slaves of others. They are the wolves who prey on the sheep, and this nation needs the sheepdogs who make up her military to protect them. The difference between America and socialist nations is that this protection is provided of the people, by the people, and for the people by the laws of free people. In socialism the military serves the state’s elitist dictators as their oppressive enforcers of their rule. Democrats are the shepherds who are beating the sheepdogs for fighting the wolves because the wolves are howling.

The character of a leftist vs. a righteous person is a study in the nature of human beings to be negative and positive. There is no such thing as an extreme leftwing vs. an extreme rightwing being the same type of totalitarians as communists vs. Nazis. These are the same leftwing ideologies generated by the negative ideology of socialism. An extreme leftwinger is a socialist totalitarian dictator control freak hater. An extreme rightwinger is what is known in history as a saint. One is utterly selfish and the other is utterly giving. One is a taker and the other is a maker. One embraces all that is immoral and evil to one degree or worse, while the other has learned to love others as himself.

[Author’s Note: Democrat’s Socialist Revolution seeks to overthrow America. Hindsight is 2020, but you don’t need it to know what Democrat’s policies will produce. Democrat’s solution, as usual, is not a solution but the creation of new and worse problems. Holding police as criminals for using force on criminals is criminal in and of itself. Demanding police be stripped of the use of deadly force when criminals are all too willing to use deadly force to escape capture is just stupid. London police have no guns because the criminals have no guns. But there they let criminals who are too violent to capture go free. Why would any citizen want a criminal who is so extremely violent to be running free in public?

Police are military men, sheepdogs ready to confront the wolves to protect the sheep. What chance would sheep have against these wolves? These “protesters” want their own communist country? Round them up. Strip them of their citizenship. And send them to communist countries to live. Let them learn what their socialist Utopian hell is really like. They don’t get to create it here in America. These black supremacists don’t get to take out their revenge on white people because of their ancestors or because they are not free to commit crimes. Elevating these people to power is how Russia, China, Germany, and every communist, fascist, Nazi, and Islamist country’s people suffer under totalitarian oppression.

They think they are oppressed now. We have historical proof of what happens when they obtain power. Our Founders created a nation where government doesn’t get to oppress the people the way Democrats want. Bolton’s ravings against Trump come from a place of pure hatred for Trump’s being unwilling to be ruled by another. These Democrat generals condemning President Trump are why the Deep State needs to be rooted out and hanged. Democrats have infiltrated every facet of America just as Hydra would. You can rely on Democrats infiltrating Trump rallies deliberately spreading virus to smear him and hope they might just assassinate him that way. The only way to stop them is to meet their subterfuge and violence with greater subterfuge and violence. Root out the leaders of this movement and beat them to death in public and this crap will end. Trump has been fighting fire with fire against the media. We shall find out if he is just a good leader or a great one willing to fight fire with fire against powerful Democrat leaders.]

Black Lives Do NOT Matter nor Does Covid-19


Race Riots, Covid Terror, and Twitter Wars: Trump’s MI vs. Liberal Democrat’s AI


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