American Police News 2-16-20

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

Father Charged With Premeditated Murder For Running Over Baby’s Mother While Kidnapping Child

Minneapolis Defund the Police BACKFIRES as City Council Spends MILLIONS for MORE Police!!!

Democrat Civil War as Portland Protests Continue to Spiral Out of Control!!!

#BREAKING – San Diego Sheriff’s Department releases photo of Deputy following violent assault yesterday by two inmates at the #Vista Detention Facility. The Deputy was taken to the hospital and released last night.Press release: https://bit.ly/3apHjkZ

Timcast IRL – Capitol Officer Story Was FAKE NEWS, NYT Corrects Huge Bombshell w/ Will Chamberlain


2021 NYPD Retirements On Track To Surpass 2020’s 72-Percent Increase

You f’ing kidding me????? What’s worse, she IS NOT THE EXCEPTION! Our courts and country have been hijacked!


Max Porterfield, the CEO of Callinex Mines, Inc. joins me to discuss the global run on tangible hard assets, the destruction of fiat currency and the reason why his company’s stock is up nearly 10X since the last time we spoke.

12-Year-Old Boy Fatally Shoots Home Intruder Who Shot His Grandma

LAPD Investigating George Floyd ‘You Take My Breath Away’ Valentine Allegedly Shared By Cops

Fertilizer and Human Waste

Patriots Hold President’s Day Celebration for President Trump in West Palm Beach – RSBN There LIVE VIDEO

#democratsdestroyamerica This idiot should be condemning his own party for inciting terrorists to burn down American cities and assault innocent people last year. Not Trump telling people to peacefully protest at the Capitol. But they can repeat the lie with the medias help and the morons who vote believing every word. DEMOCRATS INCITING VIOLENCE
https://www.bitchute.com/video/Qt5lOOL_BJk/ via bitslide

3 Democrat Leaders COLLAPSE as Trump WINS Impeachment Circus AGAIN!!!

UPDATE: Trump Attorney Michael Van Der Veen Says He Sent His Children to Secretive Location, Has Hired Armed Guards at Home and Work due to Threats (VIDEO)

Trump’s Week of WINNING and the Path Forward for 2024!!!

2021 Super Bowl Had Worst TV Ratings In 52 Years – The Police Tribune

Feds Charge 5 With Conspiracy In Connection With Capitol Riot

Navy Veteran Charged In Capitol Riot Held Top-Security Clearance, Had Worked For FBI, Attorney Says

How about the dozen plus Antifa/ BLM agent provocateurs’?

Oregon Lawmakers Consider Bills To Block Police From Declaring Unlawful Assemblies, Have Cops Pass Racism Test

Alleged Car Thief Mistakes Police Cruiser For His Getaway Uber

2021 Super Bowl Had Worst TV Ratings In 52 Years

https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/wp-content/themes/Extra_child/embeddable-feed/let-embeddable.js https://www.policeone.com/syndicate-js.asp?vid=2&cnt=5

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