Gang Member Shoots 3 Cops In Multiple Attacks Over 24-Hour Period

San Bernardino, CA – A gang member who ambushed a San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputy and left his patrol SUV in flames shot two more officers before dying in a barrage of bullets Wednesday afternoon.

“You heard like five, six shots and then the cops shoot back. That’s another five, six shots,” witness John Matias told KABC. “So, you hear 12, 15 rounds go at a time. Just nothing but gunshots. It was like a war zone.”

The initial attack occurred in the area of Olive Street and Bobbett Drive shortly after 4 p.m. on Tuesday, KABC reported.

A home security camera showed the San Bernardino sheriff’s deputy’s patrol car following after the suspect vehicle as it rounded a corner.

Just then, a barrage of over two dozen gunshots rang out.

The deputy, who was wounded in the attack, put out a “shots fired” call and additional deputies raced to the scene to help him, KABC reported.

When they arrived, they discovered the deputy’s patrol SUV had been set on fire, resulting in severe damage to the windshield and hood.

The suspect, later identified as 34-year-old gang member Ervin Olikong, managed to escape in a white BMW prior to their arrival, KABC reported.

Deputies found the wounded deputy lying on the ground and quickly administered first aid, to include the use of a tourniquet, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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Gang Member Shoots 3 Cops In Multiple Attacks Over 24-Hour Period

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