Neighbor Saw Brian Laundrie’s Family Take Him Out In New Camper After He Came Home Without Gabby Petito

Back in Florida, the Laundrie family’s neighbors have spoken out about a strange camping trip Christopher and Roberta Laundrie took with their 23-year-old son the day her family reported her as missing.

According to Charlene and William Guthrie, the family set off in a new, small camper attached to their truck on Sept. 11 for what the Guthries figured was a weekend getaway, FOX News reported.

They said Petito had been living at the Laundrie home prior to the couple’s cross-country trip in Petito’s converted camper van, and said they had no idea Brian Laundrie had returned home without her on Sept. 1.

The Guthries said when police later came around asking neighbors questions in relation to a missing persons case, they told them about the camping excursion, FOX News reported.

William Guthrie noted he thought it was odd that the entire family would be camping in such a small camper.

The current location of the camper is unclear.

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