Verizon Endorses Anti-Police Speakers, Critical Race Theorists In Employee Training: Report

New York, NY – Telecommunications company Verizon has implemented a so-called “anti-racism” training for employees to help them decide whether they are “oppressed” or “oppressors” as they work to understand how racist the U.S. is, according to a whistleblower.
The company has also been pushing employees to endorse a number of left-wing ideals, to include defunding law enforcement, according to investigative reporter Christopher Rufo.
Rufo said a Verizon whistleblower handed him a slew of documents regarding the “Race & Social Justice” initiative the company established last year.

Among the programs created through the initiative is the “Conscious Inclusion & Anti-Racism” race reeducation program for employees, which is laden with critical race theory concepts such as “white fragility” and “systemic racism,” Rufo noted.
Verizon employees are given official company worksheets so they can list out their “race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, religion, education, profession, and sexual orientation” to help determine whether they are “oppressed” or an “oppressor,” according to Rufo.
This information also helps employees determine where they fall on the “privilege” hierarchy, as they commit to a lifelong “anti-racism journey,” the investigative reporter noted.


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