Alabama Sheriff Commissions President Trump As A Deputy

Cullman, AL – When former President Donald Trump visited Cullman for his “Save America” rally on Saturday he was also “commissioned” as a deputy by the local sheriff’s department.

Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry presented President Trump with a plaque on Aug. 21 in front of about 40,000 of the former President’s supporters, Yellowhammer News reported.

Sheriff Gentry explained the commissioning of the former President in a Facebook post on the sheriff’s department’s official page.

“As Sheriff of Cullman County, and on behalf of the citizens of Cullman County, I was privileged by the power and authority under the constitution as Sheriff to present President Donald J. Trump with an engraved wooden plaque commissioning him as a deputy sheriff of Cullman County,” the sheriff wrote.

“This plaque thanked President Trump for all his accomplishments for law enforcement as President of the United States,” the sheriff wrote.

President Trump built a strong relationship with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies across the United States during his time in office.

He repeatedly supported law enforcement initiatives to keep officers safer while battling crime.

Just before leaving office in January, President Trump signed an executive order that extended the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA) of 2004 to include federal judges and prosecutors and made it easier for retired officers to get their LEOSA credentials.

Under LEOSA, qualified retired local, state, and federal law enforcement officers may take an annual test and be issued a photo ID card credential that exempts them from local firearms laws.


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