State Gives Anti-Police, Pro-Communism Teaching Materials To Elementary Teachers

Richmond, VA – The Virginia Department of Education is under fire after it was discovered that the state has been promoting “woke” lessons plans that teach police officers hate black men and that communism is a good thing.

One of the lessons plans featured on the state’s education resources website #GoOpenVA recommended that students watch a video of the book “Something Happened In Our Town: A Child’s Story About Racial Injustice.”

The story is told through the eyes of a white family and a black family separately discussing an officer-involved shooting in their town with their young children.

While the moral of the story appeared to be diversity and inclusion – at the end of the book, a black boy and a white girl invite a new middle-Eastern student to be on their team at recess – the book was full of anti-police rhetoric.

The incident that happened in the imaginary town included a white police officer shooting a black man whom he thought had a gun, but didn’t.

The white mother tells her youngest daughter that it had been a mistake by the policeman, but her “woke” older daughter corrects her.

“It wasn’t a mistake… the cops shot him because he was Black,” she tells her little sister in the book.

Then later in the book she teaches her sister that “some White people still think most black men and boys are dangerous, even though they’re not.”


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