Hero Down: Chicago Police Officer Ella French Murdered During Traffic Stop

Hero Down: Chicago Police Officer Ella French Murdered During Traffic Stop

Chicago, IL – A Chicago police officer was murdered and a second officer is fighting for his life after they were shot during a traffic stop Saturday night.

The incident occurred at around 9:10 p.m. in the 6300 block of South Bell Avenue, according to WLS.

Three officers were on scene of a traffic stop when at least one of the vehicle occupants opened fire, shooting two of the officers, according to WMAQ.

The suspected shooter was wounded in the gunfight, and was taken into custody along with two other suspects.

Both officers were transported to the hospital where one was pronounced deceased and the second officer is in critical condition.

The slain officer was identified by Chicago FOP as 29-year-old Office Ella French.


The link below is the radio transmissions from the two officers shot in Chicago last night. It’s very tough to listen to. However, we must give credit to the dispatcher, Keith Thornton. He did an unbelievable job under such excruciating circumstances. He took control of the radio and assured these officers had the best chances for survival. Great job, Keith!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of Officer French who lost her life last night, and her partner who is currently listed in extremely critical condition.

Radio transmissions: https://youtu.be/6QA84GwAtCw

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