The Push to Leave our Schools Unprotected

San Diego, CA – The Cops Off Campus Coalition (COCC) organized a nationwide protest on May 3 to demand police be kicked off school campuses but it wasn’t very successful.

The event, named the “National Day of Refusal,” seemed to find success only in California where students skipped classes and protested on multiple campuses in various major cities.

COCC circulated a petition ahead of the protest that asked students and faculty to pledge to be absent “from work, class, teaching, and more” on May 3, Campus Reform reported.

Signers of the petition promised they were “canceling/refusing to attend synchronous classes, refusing to watch asynchronous lectures, refusing to engage in any form of university-based labor (including email response), refusing to prepare materials (such as a class recording) for later asynchronous use, protecting students, colleagues, and workers from retaliation, and more.”

“As a member of a campus community, I am horrified that—amidst a global pandemic, relentless state and vigilante violence against Black, brown, and Indigenous people, and national calls for abolition—schools across North America have committed to increasing police budgets,” signers pledged. “College police forces are increasingly militarized, and I support the nationwide call to demand cops off our campus to make our university truly safe and free for all, and I will not cross the picket line.”

The petition demanded the removal of all police from all school campuses, public or private, from Kindergarten through college.

Ind. county school board votes to disarm SROs

So what types of crimes happen on Campus now, with cops present? Could you imagine what would happen if left unprotected?

Crime on College Campuses in the U.S.

It is amazing how the Elite actually get the people with the most to lose to protest for them. Dopes, some with graduate degrees.

Suspect dead, officer shot multiple times in south Georgia, GBI says

NM police officer killed in crash with tractor trailer

Ariz. LEO dies a day after being struck by vehicle

NYPD 9/11 Site being rebuilt….again….

Gang member who dragged, paralyzed NYPD detective busted again in stolen vehicle pursuit

Third website I had to rebuild thanks to Big Tech Censorship

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

State Trooper Fired After Viral Video Threatening Driver Who Ignored Commands

VIDEO: Suspected Drunk Driver Crashes Into Parked Deputy

Iowa Legislature Passes ‘Back the Blue’ Bill

Judge Orders Ex-Milwaukee PD Chief To Be Reinstated If City Doesn’t Pay Up For Demoting Him Over Doing His Job At Riots

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