Violent Results of the Defund the Police Movement

This isn’t rocket science. If you reduce the number of cops in high crime areas and handcuff the remaining officers you will not be saving black lives. Instead, you will turn your streets into rivers of blood and your cities into war zones where no one will want to live and work. Many of these areas are predominately African American, and you know damn well they will be the innocent victims of your war on law and order.

Again, these Democrats may be mentally deficient but they fully understand what defunding the police will result in. They are culpable and they should be held responsible for the growing violence.

Look at the backgrounds of these politicians and thugs running the anti cop groups. They are Marxist radicals doing what Marxist thugs have done everywhere else. They must eliminate the rule of law to protect their own crimes and tyranny and to enforce their agendas by mob rule. Wake up.

Op-ED: Democrats open door to Marxist totalitarian rule …

How will the police be abolished? A Marxist perspective

To abolish capitalist law enforcement would therefore require first to abolish capitalist law itself. The struggle to eliminate the existing police forces thus must be approached as part of a revolutionary struggle to overthrow capitalism and class society, and to replace the existing state with a socialist government and system. Under the name of abolitionism there are many valuable endeavors to transform interpersonal relations, to reconceive of state and activist responses to different forms of harm, to divest from police budgets and invest in social needs, among others. But the abolition of the capitalist state also requires a program for revolution, where the oppressed seize and hold power and the oppressors lose power.

NYPD: Violent Crime Surges In New York City Over Past …

Another Violent Weekend In New York City — At Least 6 …

4 injured, 1 killed in Bronx shooting

Nearly 30 shot, 5 killed in less than 24 hours in Chicago weekend violence

Chicago weekend violence: 6 killed, including 13-year-old boy, 28 people wounded in shootings

Weekend violence: 400 shot in US – CNN Video

Weekend shootings, other violence leave 5 dead in L.A …

Violent Weekend In Baltimore As Several Shootings Claim Lives, Including Efraim Gordon Visiting From Israel

At least 12 shot, 2 dead in violent weekend in Atlanta

Violent weekend in New Orleans leaves 2 dead, at least 8 …

Violent weekend leads Miami Beach to bring back extra …


Bill Ayer’s Weather Underground plan to Kill 25 Million Americans. This was the plan of the baby-boomer radicals who later became professors at top Universities.

Joe Biden condemned for anti-cop Police Week statement

President Joe Biden made comments to mark Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Week tha

NYPD 9/11 Site being rebuilt….again….

Third website I had to rebuild thanks to Big Tech Censorship

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes
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Calif. PD to start taking police reports via Zoom

Hero Down: Oregon State Police Sgt. John Burright Dies Of 20-Year-Old Injuries From Crash

Facebook extremely limits and censors Conservative news and views.
Join my group on MeWe and see what is going on in the world.

Investigators: Cops Shouldn’t Have Returned Fire After Being Shot During Breonna Taylor Raid

You’re %$#$ing kidding me right?

Judge Rules 2 Deputies Fired Over Parkland School Shooting Will Get Their Jobs Back

Deep State Digest

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