Ambulance at CIA HQ

Armed man shot by federal agents after standoff outside CIA headquarters, authorities say

Uncensored Truth about America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

….as you flee to healthy vibrant red states, leave your politics in California so you don’t destroy your next state too.

Third website I had to rebuild thanks to Big Tech Censorship

NYPD 9/11 Site being rebuilt….again….

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“You’re a Murderer! You’re Always Gonna be a Mexican!” – Teacher Berates Latino Deputy, Launches Into Racist Tirade When He Pulls Her Over (VIDEO)

100% KENNEDY: ‘If You Support Defunding Police, You’ve Tested Positive for Stupid’

Westchester cops pick up tab for homeless man trying to steal socks

Facebook extremely limits and censors Conservative news and views.
Join my group on MeWe and see what is going on in the world.

Federal Judge Says Columbus Police ‘Run Amok,’ Compares U.S. Police To Slave Patrols

St. Louis Mayor Votes To Defund Police, Cut 100 Sworn Positions From Force

Councilman Wants To Disarm Police So Cops Must Use Words Instead Of Force

Veteran With Gun Stops Suspect Accused Of Raping Woman In Grocery Store Bathroom

Owner Responds- Too little too late? Only because of the backlash?

Chocolati Cafe Worker Refuses To Serve Police, Owner Responds With Apology

Seattle, WA – Three Seattle police officers said they were recently refused service at two different Chocolati café…

DOJ Announces Investigations Into Louisville, Minneapolis Police

Retired cop to bike 4,200 miles for police suicide awareness

Two young teens charged in the gruesome murder of man: ‘Doused him in lighter fluid and lit him on fire’

Please Help Officer Silvester & Other Families

Portland Mayor Pleads With Citizens To Help Expose Antifa, For Real this Time, Probably

More than 200+ Seattle Police Officers Quit Department, Blame ‘Anti-Police Climate’

Deep State Digest

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